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Subject [New post] Jenna Jameson Helps Explain the Modern Anti-Vax Movement
Date December 2, 2019 3:09 PM
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Post : Jenna Jameson Helps Explain the Modern Anti-Vax Movement
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Posted : December 2, 2019 at 9:09 am
Author : Vincent Iannelli, MD
Tags : anti-vaccine talking points, celebrities, febrile seizures, Jenna Jameson, questions about vaccines, vaccine injury, vaccine injury stories
Categories : Vaccine Misinformation

Jenna Jameson is the latest "celebrity" to be talking about vaccines.

[link removed]

And it helps explain what is going on in the modern anti-vaccine movement ( [link removed] ) .

Jenna Jameson Helps Explain the Modern Anti-Vax Movement

So why is Jenna Jameson talking about vaccines?

Is it because she is vegan?

[link removed]

Maybe, but many vegans vaccinate ( [link removed] ) themselves and their kids...

Is she just against vaccine mandates ( [link removed] ) ?

[link removed]

Sure, it is possible she just has a problem with the government telling her what to do.

[link removed] Not encephalitis, but a motor vehicle accident can lead to a brain injury or even chronic traumatic encephalopathy though.

But that became a less likely reason as she kept tweeting…

[link removed]

That vaccines can cause peanut allergies ( [link removed] ) is a common anti-vax talking point. They think that it has something to do with peanut oil adjuvants, even though these peanut oil adjuvants ( [link removed] ) were never actually used in any routine vaccines.

It eventually came out though.

Jenna Jameson is questioning vaccines because she feels that her child nearly died after her vaccines - from a febrile seizure.

[link removed]

And of course, it is bullying to try and explain that febrile seizures ( [link removed] ) are not a life-threatening reaction.

So what's the problem?

[link removed] Jenna Jameson made a lot of misinformed statements about vaccines.

It's not Jenna Jameson questioning vaccines or even whether or not she vaccinates her kids.

It's her using her celebrity status to scare other parents ( [link removed] ) away from vaccinating and protecting their kids.

[link removed] Jenna Jameson is happy that she is scaring parents away from vaccinating and protecting their kids?

Want to question ( [link removed] ) something?

[link removed] A febrile seizure is a vaccine injury ( [link removed] ) now?

Question why parents listen to celebrities ( [link removed] ) like Jenna Jameson when they try and make them think that vaccines are dangerous and cause things like peanut allergies, asthma, diabetes ( [link removed] ) , and autism ( [link removed] ) .

Or that febrile seizures are a dangerous reaction ( [link removed] ) , a vaccine injury ( [link removed] ) , that should keep them from continuing ( [link removed] ) to get vaccinated.

> "Fevers can be caused by common childhood illnesses like colds, the flu, an ear infection, or roseola. Vaccines can sometimes cause fevers, but febrile seizures are uncommon after vaccination."
> What is a febrile seizure?

Would you skip or delay your child's vaccines ( [link removed] ) , putting them at risk to get a life-threatening disease and putting others at risk ( [link removed] ) , because Jenna Jameson, Rob Schneider, Kat Von D ( [link removed] ) , Bill Maher ( [link removed] ) , Kristin Cavallari, Lisa Bonet ( [link removed] ) , or Cindy Crawford ( [link removed] ) told you to?

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