Dear John

Johnson wins vote of confidence

They won’t do the right thing, so we have to do it at the ballot box.

Conservative MPs voted today on whether to keep Boris Johnson as leader and Prime Minister. He won the vote with 211 votes to 148.

That is a very significant number of his own MPs who no longer have confidence in his leadership, but he remains in No.10. What next? Cabinet reshuffle almost certainly. Continuing uncertainty over his leadership as he weathers by-elections and the Commons inquiry into his lying, I'm sure. Possibly even a general election.

We asked you earlier today to donate to the Better Democracy Fund. You can make a gift quickly and easily online, and be part of the campaign to remove Johnson and this government from power


Our broken system continues to keep this divided government in power, but they have no vision for the country. It is essential that opposition parties work together at the next election to remove this government. And you can make that happen, John.

Our CEO, Naomi Smith, told the Daily Mirror yesterday that Best for Britain would “unleash the most powerful tactical voting campaign this country has ever seen”. We will do that, and we are preparing our campaign now.


We always hope, though, we won’t have to rely on tactical voting. It would be better for the opposition parties to properly work together and agree the small number of key constituencies where they need to stand down candidates.

But if they won’t do that, we will still be here. Will you donate now? Will you be part of the campaign to change the direction of this country?

This country needs leaders we can trust, be proud of, and who can give our trading relationship with Europe the impetus we so desperately need. 

Kind regards,

Maheen Behrana

Senior Campaigns and Policy Officer

P.S. A donation now, while we have time to prepare for the General Election that may be looming, allows us to get more out of it than a last-minute gift just before polling day. Donate now.

Everything raised by the 'Better Democracy Fund' is used by Best for Britain to bring progressive parties together, fight undemocratic changes to our elections, or to campaign for a change in our voting system to make all votes count.

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