In the time that it takes to play a game of scrabble, you could make a HUGE impact one what is quickly becoming one of the most heated House races in
Alek for Oregon

Fellow Conservative,

I sincerely don’t know the answer to how long a game of scrabble takes, nor a game a chess. What I do know is that in the time it would take you to play a game of with your friends, you’d have been able to make a donation to my campaign 10 times over.

I can’t be sure if you saw the email that I sent out recently letting you know that we failed to meet our May fundraising goal, so if you didn’t read that one, I’m sharing it with you again now. It’s important to get a head start on June’s goal because the goal we’ve set for this month is the largest of the year by far.

Would you kindly consider chipping in $2 right now? It’s half the price of a gallon of gas. An investment in our shared future and a bargain.

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This wasn’t supposed to be the most important election of our lives, but President Biden has become an abject FAILURE and changed the calculus for everyone.

Thank you very much,
Alek for Oregon
Alek Skarlatos
Republican for Congress

 CHIP IN $2 ➞ 

Alek for Oregon Alek is a former Oregon National Guardsman, completing a nine-month deployment in Afghanistan. Alek, along with four others, stopped an armed terrorist on a Paris-bound train traveling from Amsterdam to Paris in August 2015. His heroism earned him several awards and medals around the world. To support Alek’s campaign chip in $5 or more today!

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