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We know, we know – the last thing you want in your earhole is a man yammering about reproductive rights BUT hear us out! What if it was SIX dudes, but they were funny and actually had something interesting to say about abortion? 


Check out this week's special episode of the “Feminist Buzzkills Live!” podcast to hear from the Bros of our “Bro v. Wade” comedy show! They all talk with Lizz about why straight and cis dudes need to stand up for abortion access! Download it anywhere you listen to podcasts!

If you haven’t yet signed up for Operation Save Abortion (Sunday, July 17), then what are you waiting for??? Everybody wants to know what to do when Roe goes away and we’re here to get you in the know! 

This week we want to brag about our Patient Support panel. We will be blessed by the presence of these pro-abortion deities, who will fill y’all in on some of the best ways to support patients financially, logistically, emotionally, and so forth when obtaining abortion care:

When the SCOTUS decision does come down, we're jumping into action to provide abortion clinics with emotional and logistical support for their patients and staff. Check out this form to see how you can help and let us know what you can do.

Another great way to support these clinics? Donate! Give to AAF, and together we will lavish lunches and gifts on our clinic friends in hostile states. Now more than ever, they need to be lifted up in cheer and hope to keep going until the very end.


Yours in action and support,

Lizz, Moji, and Marie

“We have each other, now let’s have each other’s back.” - Lizz Winstead, Founder, Abortion Access Front


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