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PM Boris Johnson to face vote of no confidence

Whether he wins or loses, we must be prepared for the next election

It finally happened. Enough Tory MPs have grown backbones to challenge Johnson’s leadership. We expect the vote of no confidence to take place THIS AFTERNOON.

19,000 Best for Britain supporters signed our petition and 9,000 wrote to MPs about Johnson’s partygate lies. So you should feel proud to have already made a difference.

The thing is, Johnson could very well win the vote and stay on as leader of the Conservative Party and Prime Minister - 54 letters from MPs were needed to trigger the vote, but there are 358 Conservative MPs at the moment.

So we have to look at what could happen next. If Johnson wins the vote he risks his authority with MPs being weakened. If he loses, his successor will want to shake off the corruption, scandal and economic vandalism that defines this Government. In either case, the Prime Minister might seriously consider a quick election.



We have to be ready. We might have less time than expected to bring the progressive parties together in a united front. You can help get ready by adding your gift to the fund now.

Now more than ever, the UK needs leaders we can trust, be proud of and who can give our trading relationship with Europe the shot in the arm we so desperately need but as our broken system keeps the Tories in power on a minority of votes, opposition parties must work together at the next election to remove this government.

Everything raised by the 'Better Democracy Fund' is used by Best for Britain to bring progressive parties together, fight undemocratic changes to our elections, or to campaign for a change in our voting system to make all votes count.


It is time for Labour and the Lib Dems to take this seriously and to engage with the Greens. Our MRP polling shows it just won’t be enough to make vague promises about targeting, there needs to be a proper plan.


Your support will make a huge difference to convincing the parties to do what must be done. Whether we’re facing more Boris Johnson or not, we need to take an election seriously.

Thank you for being with us, thank you for standing up to this government.

Best wishes,

Cary Mitchell

Director of Operations, Best for Britain

PS. Take a look at our recent MRP polling here. Have a read of today’s Mirror article about our preparations for a General Election here. Then make a donation to the Better Democracy Fund here.

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