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November 29th 2019
Dear Friends and Supporters
The last 2 weeks have been a whirlwind of policy promises from all the parties as their manifesto launches have taken place. No surprise it has only taken a few days for the U-turns and strategy changes to start as holes are poked through their policy platforms.

The Liberal Democrats have already abandoned their ludicrous claims of their Leader, Jo Swinson, being our future Prime Minister and with their ‘Bollocks to Brexit’ policy falling flat with voters, they are running back to a Second Referendum as their policy of choice.

It’s no wonder the Great British Public don’t trust politicians – when most of them simply ignore the biggest democratic mandate in British history.

Unbelievably - this afternoon it has been announced the BBC refuses to confirm the reported Boris Johnson interview with Andrew Marr this Sunday, unless and until the Prime Minister confirms his interview with Andrew Neil, the BBC’s most forensic interviewer. As I understand it, No 10 and the BBC have been in negotiations about the timing of the Andrew Neil interview, and the BBC are clearly trying to pressure Boris Johnson, to get maximum coverage.

It has also been reported today, although she is not a Westminster Party Leader, Scotland’s First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon has been the latest Leader to sit down for an interview with Andrew Neil – and it appears she seemed downtrodden following her car crash showdown with the political pundit. 

When it comes to insulting the people however, the Labour Party has given the LibDems a run for their money. Labour has tried to insult the intelligence of voters by once again playing ‘Project Fear’ politics over the NHS. After his own car crash interview with Andrew Neil, Jeremy Corbyn desperately needed to change their focus in the news, so he released 451 pages of a leaked ‘secret’ document which he claimed showed Boris Johnson was going to ‘sell the NHS to Donald Trump’! However, in all those 451 pages the NHS was mentioned only 4 times - and they detailed negotiations which took place BEFORE Boris Johnson was even Prime Minister and while Remainer Theresa May was PM.  It seems Corbyn was banking on the British people not bothering to read this supposed ‘evidence’. Labour must be really desperate to falsely complain about the NHS being at risk after Brexit, while the real threat to the NHS is from Labour, and our continued membership of the EU. Remainers don’t seem to care about the NHS if it’s the EU causing problems. Boris Johnson has made it very clear as Prime Minister, he will never put the NHS on the table in any trade deal. Here is another leaflet for you to distribute. The actual link is also below.

Not content with running Project Fear stories, Labour have realised their Manifesto promises are not going down well with their target voters. The polls are showing their support is dropping, and Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell have now realised they actually need to try and get some Labour Leave voters on side. So, with 2 weeks to go in the General Election campaign, they are now trying to bump up their non-existent Brexit credentials. Labour candidates in Leave areas of the country are now trying to talk up their support for Brexit. However, this is nothing more than an attempt to ‘con’ Brexit voters. When it comes down to it, if any of these prospective Labour MPs succeed in getting into Parliament, they will be told in no uncertain terms by the Labour Leadership to vote in favour of Remain - in line with Party policy!

Just to demonstrate the scale of the attempted deceit, former Labour Leader, Ed Miliband, has now claimed he has voted for Brexit 9 times in Parliament!!! What utter hogwash! The people of Doncaster North are not stupid, and they deserve an MP who will - at the very least - be honest with them!

The Conservatives have - in comparison with the other parties - set out very clear Brexit policies. Their Manifesto includes hard commitments not to extend the Transition Period beyond December 2020; no political alignment with the EU after Brexit; and amongst other policies, an end to the Common Fisheries Policy with protections put in place for British fisheries; an Australian style points based immigration system and a commitment to protect our 5 EYES intelligence-sharing network. It has now emerged their Manifesto also commits an extra £650 million a week for the NHS. So, it looks like once again the big red Vote Leave bus actually underestimated the money available to the NHS, much to the dismay of Remainers. These commitments have been made because of the hard pressure applied by Brexiteers, including the thousands of you - Get Britain Out’s supporters - who have sent our draft letter to Boris Johnson, demanding he made these very promises clear in his Manifesto. Thank you!

The Brexit Party have also recently changed tactic, moving away from national campaigning and really focusing on key seats where they believe they can win - for example in Hartlepool, where the Brexit Party Chairman, Richard Tice, is standing, and in Hull West and Hessle - where former Apprentice star, Michelle Dewberry, is standing. These are seats the Conservatives do not stand a chance of winning and we wish them good luck with defeating the Remainers currently in post. Parliament will be much better off with more Brexiteers in Westminster, whether Conservative, Brexit Party and even Labour! 

It was great to see Brexiteers come together. On the stage today, Boris Johnson was reunited with Gisela Stuart, the former Labour MP and Chair of the Vote Leave campaign, pleading with all Brexiteers to back the Conservatives to finally ‘Get Brexit Done’.

The fight is not over Leave Supporters. We Brexiteers must never stop putting pressure on ANY Party Leader who is elected as Prime Minister in the General Election. Hopefully, with a Conservative majority backed up by Brexit Party MPs and Labour Leave MPs, after this General Election – with Boris Johnson as Prime Minister - they will make sure Brexiteers always have a voice and we get a REAL BREXIT for the country.

If you want to read all the main parties Manifestos in full (and the Brexit Party’s Contract with the People) – good luck. Here are the links:

Next week London will host the NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) Defence Summit. American President, Donald Trump will also be attending with his wife, the First Lady, Melania. They will be welcomed - together with other NATO Leaders - at a Reception by in Buckingham Palace – by Her Majesty the Queen.

So, get ready for more Trump Remainer scare stories – which will no doubt reach fever pitch - whether on the NHS, food standards or the evil scourge of Donald Trump’s scepticism of ‘Climate Change’. With the Conservative Party currently on track for a supposed majority - according to in depth polls - the Remainers will wheel out every trick in their ‘Project Fear’ book to try and stop Brexiteers getting into Parliament in mid-December.

In our last update we told you Leave.EU were planning to launch a new Tactical Voting App. However, it seems Leave.EU have cancelled these plans because of recent poll results. Their reasoning: “The information we’ve gathered has rendered the need for a Tactical Voting App obsolete. The App initiative was based on the premise that the Brexit Party could win seats. That turns out to be highly unlikely. A vote for the Brexit Party is a wasted one.” We just thought we would let you know!

There are now only 13 days to go until the General Election on Thursday, December 12th. The deadline for registering to vote has now passed. You can still register to vote by proxy if you cannot make it to the Polling Station on December 12th - here, but please make sure you do this as soon as possible.

PLEASE do not spoil your Ballot Papers - as has been rumoured some people are planning to do. Many people in the world are not able to vote for what is important to them, so I trust you will remember this when you are in the Polling Booth. Do not let a decision not to vote result in a Remainer coalition OR Labour getting into 10 Downing Street, and Brexit being cancelled entirely.

We at Get Britain Out have generated a poster for you to stick up in your window, to show your support for Brexit. You can find the printable version HERE.  

In this vital time it is so important to get the message out to voters, so we have also generated a small leaflet which you can print out at home (or take to your local print shop) to hand out in your local community. The biggest democratic mandate in British history MUST NOT BE IGNORED ANY LONGER. You can print our leaflet HERE.    

You can also get our graphic on the damage the EU does to the NHS as a leaflet to give out in your local area, again you can print these at home or a local print shop. You can download from HERE
  • Dominic Cummings the former Special Adviser to the Prime Minister, has written a scathing personal blog he has called a ‘Bat Signal’ – “Don’t let Corbyn-Sturgeon cheat a Second Referendum with millions of Foreign Votes” in which he asks all Leave voters to back Boris Johnson. – Dominic Cummings Blog - ‘Bat-signal
  • Nigel Farage is a hero of Brexit, but how did he get to his current position and become ‘Mr Brexit’ – BBC News
  • Nicola Sturgeon, the Leader of the SNP and First Minister of Scotland, looked deflated and dishevelled after she was the latest leader to be interviewed by the BBC’s Andrew Neil - as mentioned above - The Daily Express
  • This morning despite claims he is dodging media scrutiny, Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, spent an hour answering questions on LBC’s Nick Ferrari Show – LBC Radio
  • Today Jean-Claude Junker and Donald Tusk leave office in the EU Commission, but not before collecting vast parachute payments totalling over £150,000 each - yet more British money going into Eurocrat’s pockets – The Daily Express

Best wishes from Jayne Adye, Campaign Director and the Team.
P.S. IMPORTANT: We know you are already committed to Brexit, but please continue to circulate this e-Bulletin to even more people, many of whom also want to be more informed. Since the EU Referendum, many more Remainers have changed their minds, and need as much information as possible. We need a landslide, to make sure we have a Parliament, determined to deliver the Best Brexit for the United Kingdom, and our global future OUTSIDE THE EU.

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A MASSIVE thank-you, as always, to everyone who helps us try and secure the Best Brexit for our nation. We will not stop our work until we are free of the constraints of the EU. With a small team, we are unable to answer queries at length, so if you do send us brief comments, they should be sent to [email protected], but we will only be able to send a short reply to some of them. In case any are urgent, please put URGENT in the Subject Line.

Huge thanks everyone,
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