From Allen Smith <[email protected]>
Subject I need your help with something! 🙏
Date July 23, 2019 6:23 PM
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  Links have been removed from this email. Learn more in the FAQ.
I know you just gave us your email address, but I had to send you a message right away because I need your help with something important. 

Hi friend! 👋🏼

First, let me apologize for sending what will probably read like a mass email. I know you just gave us your email address, but I had to send you a message right away because I need your help with something important.

Our campaign has a small team of dedicated people and a platform that will really improve the lives of folks, not only in our district but in cities and towns all across the country.

We are very much in a fight to reclaim our future. We want to dismantle and replace the broken and corrupt systems that reward those at the top while the rest of us do whatever we can just to get by. We want to empower working people and communities. And we are calling for bold action to combat climate change, because if we can’t save our planet, none of the other things will matter.

We believe we can do this. We have to. Our future depends on it.

There’s a catch though.

We’re going up against both of the big establishment parties. The Democrats and Republicans are poised to throw every bit of money, power, and influence they have into this election. Just last year, these parties poured over $15 million into our congressional race alone. Now they’re going to try to do it all over again.

That’s where you come in. Like I said, I need your help with something.

I’m not going to ask you for money. Believe me, our campaign could certainly put it to good use, and I won’t turn you down if you offer. That’s not the kind of campaign we’re running though. Instead, I’m writing to ask you for something much more important to democracy: your voice.

I believe winning this election won't be about which candidate raises or spends the most money. It will be about challenging the very systems that allow anyone with enough money or connections to buy a seat in Congress. It will be about getting out there and earning votes by standing up for people, connecting us all behind a shared purpose, and getting folks to the polls when it counts. Every voice matters. If we all work together, we can win. I know it.

So I’m asking you to use your voice to help amplify our campaign’s message.
1. Can you think of five people in your personal or professional circles who should know about this race so they can amplify our message too? They don’t even need to live in North Carolina, but if they do, that’s even better. Reach out to them and ask them to sign up on our campaign site just like you did.
2. Can you take five minutes to share some words of solidarity or support on social media along with the link to our campaign site?

It’s [link removed] ([link removed]) , by the way. 😉

Knowing you’re behind our campaign means the world to me. Like I said, every voice matters. If enough people work together and raise our voices, no amount of money or power can silence us.

Let's do this together.

If you really want to donate money to our campaign, you can do that by clicking the button below.

Donate ([link removed])
If you want to volunteer, we’ve got lots of ways you can do that, whether you live nearby or not. We'll be sending out more info about opportunities as we get further into the campaign season. If you have something specific in mind, email our team at [email protected] to tell us how you'd like to contribute.
Oh, and if you'd rather not receive any more emails like this from me, no worries! You can let me know by clicking here ([link removed]) .
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