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Yes, we did a comedy event called Bro V. Wade showing the world that straight cis-men comedians will show up for abortion rights! This amazing line-up: Dave Hill, David Cross, Dean Obeidallah, John Fugelsang, Jon Glaser, and Josh Gondelman raised over $15,000 for our work - helping us show up for abortion funds and independent clinics coast to coast.

Crowd at table
Helen Hong Aimee Arrambide and Dr Leah Torres

And OH HEY, it’s Friday! And that means a new “Feminist Buzzkills Live!” pod is a-droppin’. This week we are giving you a few wake up calls. Aimee Arrambide, Executive Director of Avow Texas, joins the pod to fill us in on the scary amount of influence city councils have over abortion access, good and bad. Plus, SHE SPILLS THE TEA on what it was like to talk about abortion access for six hours in front of Jim Jordan and Matt Gaetz! In addition, we have a bonus guest, Dr. Leah Torres, Medical Director of the West Alabama Women’s Center and author of this frightening article on how doctors are turning miscarriage patients away for fear of prosecution. Plus, we say loudly, FUCKLAHOMA

It’s heavy, friends, but Helen Hong also joins us as our comedy exhale! Helen spent the pandemic stealing her dog’s xanax, dating doomsday preppers and recording a comedy special that drops May 31st. Buckle up, this convo is gonna go wherever it wants to go! 

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Check it out! We already have 81 registered house parties for  Operation Save Abortion and we are just getting started! Avoid the FOMO and get your house party on! - Sign up here

And if you want some more inspo, check out below just a few of the incredible panelists who will be talking about all the opportunities there are to support independent clinics! Escorting! Staff Morale! Yelp Reviews! Oh My! 

The news may feel overwhelming but AAF is committed to building community and bringing us all together to learn where to support, where to celebrate, and where to fight.


Yours in action and support,

Lizz, Moji, and Marie

“We have each other, now let’s have each other’s back.” - Lizz Winstead, Founder, Abortion Access Front


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