Dear John,

Sue Gray’s report into lockdown parties in Downing Street has now been released.

In the face of damning findings, the Prime Minister won’t resign and his MPs look unlikely to remove him. It’s up to YOU to take action to get them out of Number 10. 



Sue Gray’s report tells us what we already knew - there was significant lawbreaking in No10 - but it was even worse than we imagined.
She found that:


  • Covid rules were broken at a number of parties in Downing Street
  • The Prime Minister attended events where rules were broken
  • Some parties were planned days in advance and even after warnings of a 'substantial comms risk'
  • One event which finished after 3am involved a fight and one attendee being sick. At another, attendees had use of a karaoke machine 
  • Security and custodial staff were treated poorly and with a lack of respect
  • Staff uncomfortable with the rule-breaking felt unable to raise their concerns
  • Senior leadership at Number 10 were responsible for the culture of rule-breaking

The culture of disrespect for the law in Downing Street proves this Government has no business being in power. 

Boris Johnson is a man without honesty, integrity or respect for the law who will continue to transform Whitehall in his image for as long as he is allowed to cling to power. If Conservative MPs do not remove him, the British people must at the next election. 
We must work together to get them out. 

Recent Best for Britain polling found Labour can win a majority at the next election, but only if Labour, the Lib Dems and the Greens work together and engage in tactical stand-asides in a small number of English seats. 



The time for collaboration against the Government is NOW. 

Our system is broken. It is rigged in favour of the Conservative Party - so we must put aside our differences and work together in the interests of ridding the British public of this damaging establishment. 

Best wishes,

Cary Mitchell

Director of Operations, Best for Britain

P.S. If you are able to offer further support by donating to our Better Democracy fund to encourage cooperation between progressive parties, you can do so here.

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