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Subject Help us take action against gun violence
Date May 24, 2022 2:03 PM
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A Woman’s Place is making the commitment to support Democratic women leaders nationwide who are moving to prevent gun violence and protect vulnerable communities from domestic terrorists.
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Over the past two weeks our nation has experienced and witnessed multiple acts of hate-driven terrorism and gun-violence. More than 30,982 people in the U.S. have been a victim of gun-violence in 2022 already – 38 lost their lives in 42 mass shootings just this month .
How many more heartbreaking headlines of mass shootings need to be published before we see real action? How much longer will communities be in danger doing everyday things like going to school, walking down the street, meeting in a house of prayer, or buying groceries from a store? How many more times will we see hate turn deadly with a gun?
We know that we cannot solve racism, antisemitism, bigotry, or white nationalism with one piece of legislation. But we can remove the tool that makes these sickening undercurrents of American life exponentially more dangerous and deadly.
This is an all hands on deck moment. We can ONLY provide resources to candidates with your support. We need immediate action against gun violence, so we are expanding our efforts to elect strong Democratic leaders who are committed to doing the work. Donate now. [[link removed]]
That’s why we are proud to support leaders like Rep. Lucy McBath, a mother whose beloved son Jordan was a victim of senseless gun violence. Since being elected to Congress, she has been fighting nonstop to pass common sense gun legislation and get to the root of gun violence in our communities.
But the National Rifle Association (NRA) continues to funnel millions upon millions of dollars into our elections, and our candidates can’t keep up without your help. John, can you make sure our candidates have what it takes to go up against NRA lobbying money this November? Donate now. [[link removed]]
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We hope you are with us,
A Woman’s Place
The contemporary political landscape is filled with progressive women who are running for elected office up and down the ballot, who possess a true vision of equality for this country's future. A Woman's Place seeks to support their efforts by providing financial resources to embrace this tongue-in-cheek idea of what a woman's place should be.
We help put women where they belong: positions of political leadership throughout all levels of government.
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