From Sarah Waldron, Campaign Against Arms Trade <[email protected]>
Subject Can you put the arms trade on the agenda?
Date November 28, 2019 6:47 PM
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  Links have been removed from this email. Learn more in the FAQ.
Can you spare just two minutes to help put the arms trade on the
agenda this General Election?

Questions about how the UK acts in the world are often overlooked
at election time – but you can help ensure
( [link removed] ) they
get the attention they deserve.

These issues are a matter of life and death:

* UK bombs and missiles are still being used by Saudi-led forces
in the war in Yemen. The conflict has taken the lives of tens of
thousands of people.
* UK-made arms are supporting regimes that are abusing human
rights around the world.
* More resources are put into buying weapons and waging war than
into tackling climate change.

By emailing your candidates now
( [link removed] ) you
will show them that the arms trade is an issue of public concern
and help to shape their views.

You’ll also help us understand the positions of new MPs: this
will be essential to help us engage effectively with the new

We want candidates’ support on five key issues.

* Stop the use of public money to promote weapons sales
* Stop selling arms to countries in conflict or violating human
* Improve Parliamentary scrutiny of UK weapons sales
* Create jobs in renewable energy and low carbon technology
* Rethink how we define 'security' to put people first

Using our simple tool, you can email your candidates
( [link removed] ) in
just a couple of minutes.

Thank you for your support,

Campaign Against Arms Trade ( [link removed] )


Campaign Against Arms Trade

P.S. Check our
( [link removed] ) for more information on these
issues, ideas for raising the issues at hustings and a summary of
the parties' commitments so far. And thank you for taking action
( [link removed] ).
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