From Ali at Team Porter <[email protected]>
Subject FWD: 5/18: Primary deadline
Date May 18, 2022 5:02 PM
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  Links have been removed from this email. Learn more in the FAQ.

[ [link removed] ]Katie Porter for Congress


Today’s the day–our pre-primary fundraising deadline! The primary election
isn’t until June 7th, but after today we’re required by federal law to
report how much we’ve raised. [ [link removed] ]Read yesterday’s email to learn more
about why this matters and why we could really use your help.

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From: Katie Porter HQ [[email protected]]
Date: Tues, May 17, 2022
Subject: 5/18: Primary deadline
To: John [[email protected]]

May 18th marks our ‘pre-primary’ fundraising deadline. That means we’re
required to publicly report how much money we’ve raised between April 1st
and now.

[ [link removed] ]That number matters because we want to show that Katie still has
strong grassroots support and is ready to compete in what could be her
toughest race yet. Can you chip in today?

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Katie is the only Democrat running here in CA-47, but California has a
‘jungle primary’ system, meaning unlike most primaries that advance one
Democrat and one Republican, the top two vote-getters move on to the
general, regardless of party. Along with Katie, there are four Republicans
in the race. Our team is already out knocking on doors and reaching voters
by phone and text to make sure Katie is one of the top two vote-getters on
primary day, ensuring she’ll advance to the general election in November.

After the primary, we’ll know who our Republican opponent is, and the
campaign will really kick into gear as we prepare for Election Day.

If you’re a California voter, make sure your voter registration is up to
date and that you’re ready to vote in our primary election–[ [link removed] ]visit our
website for resources.

[ [link removed] ]If you can, pitch in ahead of our May 18 deadline. Katie doesn’t take
corporate PAC or lobbyist money, and in a district made up of equal
numbers of Democrats and Republicans, we rely on supporters like you
chipping in to allow us to run this race.

If you've stored your info with ActBlue Express, we'll process your
contribution instantly:

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Thanks for being a part of Team Porter!

–The team at Katie Porter HQ

|Katie is running for re-election in California’s 47th district, which |
|includes Irvine and coastal Orange County. This purple district contains|
|an equal number of Democrats and Republicans and is a must-win for |
|Democrats. Consider pitching in today so we have the resources to keep |
|Katie in Congress fighting for working people. |
| |
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