From Dr. Brian Babin <[email protected]>
Subject Families Can’t Put Food on the Table Thanks to Biden
Date May 17, 2022 9:30 PM
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Right now, 40% of supermarkets across the nation are completely out of baby formula. Why? Because Democrats have taken the COVID-era supply chain crisis and only made it worse.

Democrats continue to push inflationary policies like pumping trillions of dollars into the economy and raising taxes across the board. Paychecks are getting smaller, wages aren’t going as far, and grocery store shelves are empty.

This is what happened with baby formula - and it’s shameful. No mother should have to worry about not being able to feed her child!

END THE CRISES [[link removed]]

Democrats are so blind to their disastrous policies, they just keep pushing for more of the same but expect different results. It was their runaway spending that exacerbated the supply chain crisis in the first place, yet progressives continue to try and ram through more spending as their solution!

Biden and Democrats are determined that if they can just spend enough taxpayer money, all the world’s problems will magically go away.

This is why it is so important that Republicans take back Congress in November. With common-sense conservatives in power again, we can roll back the Democrats’ crippling fiscal policies and end the supply chain crisis. Donate today to help us put America first! [[link removed]]

TAKE BACK THE HOUSE [[link removed]]

For Texas,

Dr. Brian Babin

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