From PENNSYLVANIA SENATE ALERT (via DCCC) <[email protected]>
Subject RE: Dr. Oz
Date May 17, 2022 4:12 PM
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Donald Trump has hinted he'll run for office again if Republicans defeat our House Majority. Now he's also lining up hand-picked loyalists in key Senate races to defeat our Democratic Trifecta. He’s ALREADY won big with J.D. Vance in Ohio – and now, he’s scheming for Dr. Oz to do the same in Pennsylvania. If Trump succeeds in packing Congress with his loyalists, it would bring us just one step closer to his RETURN to the White House. So we're desperately calling for 1,200 grassroots supporters to update their 2022 Democratic Memberships with a $5 gift before midnight to SECURE our House Majority and make Trump’s plans BACKFIRE. Can we count on you?

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This is a make-or-break moment.

Trump has already helped make J.D. Vance the Republican nominee in the critical Ohio Senate race.

Now, he’s scheming to do the same with Dr. Oz in the ultimate swing state of Pennsylvania.

Please understand: If Trump is able to pack Congress with his top loyalists, it could pave the way for his return to the White House.

And at this dire moment, you have two options:

OPTION 1: Ignore our urgent pleas, delete this email, and watch while Trump destroys our House Majority and Democratic Trifecta with his dangerous followers.

OPTION 2: Step up with a powerful grassroots gift before midnight to stop Trump's power-hungry schemes and protect our Democratic House.

Can we count on you to make the right choice by chipping in an anti-Trump $5 gift to defend our House Majority?

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Thank you,


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