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Subject A Quick Guide To Getting Paid For Your Writing | Simone Michaud 🖋 in The Writing Cooperative
Date November 27, 2019 9:24 PM
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Today's highlights

A Quick Guide To Getting Paid For Your Writing ([link removed])

It took me years to get up to making over $4k a month from writing. In the beginning of my career, I was…
Simone Michaud 🖋 ([link removed])
in The Writing Cooperative ([link removed])
6 min read

The Truth About Earning $15,000 a Month as a Writer ([link removed])

Work, patience, and a lot of income streams. You can do it. The trick question is: are you sure you want to?
Shaunta Grimes ([link removed])
11 min read

90% Of Blogging Success Comes Down To This ([link removed])

One of my favorite vloggers is a guy named Nas Daily. If you don't know him, he's a guy who made daily videos…
Tom Kuegler ([link removed])
in The Startup ([link removed])
6 min read

Why "eat less, move more" doesn't work for weight loss ([link removed])

- It's a short-term fix. Here's what works in the long-term.
Maria Cross MSc ([link removed])
9 min read

In case you missed it

Psychologists Explain How To Stop Overthinking Everything ([link removed])

Overthinking can lead to serious emotional distress and increase your risk of mental health problems
Thomas Oppong ([link removed])
in Kaizen Habits ([link removed])
6 min read

On Being Allergic To Bullshit ([link removed])

Recently I went to a psychic who couldn't see two feet in front of her, let alone into the future. She told…
Human Parts ([link removed])
4 min read

The Cycle ([link removed])

When I was 16, my high school boyfriend backhanded me across the face, with a beer bottle in his hand. We…
Human Parts ([link removed])
4 min read

Quick reads

25 Things to Do When You Love Someone ([link removed])

And the One Thing You Should Do When You Don't
Crystal Jackson ([link removed])
in P.S. I Love You ([link removed])
2 min read

Trump Has Nowhere to Hide After Sondland's Bombshell Testimony ([link removed])

The ambassador provides the missing link between the president and the plot to pressure Ukraine.
Sam Vinograd ([link removed])
in GEN ([link removed])
4 min read

Most read

Why I Started Eating Meat Again After 17 Years of Vegetarianism ([link removed])

The health and ethics of eating are complex
Meredith Kirby ([link removed])
in Human Parts ([link removed])
9 min read

How to Not Choke on the Bible ([link removed])

I was raised to blindly accept scripture as literal truth - but the Bible gets more interesting when you ask…
Logan Rowland ([link removed])
in Human Parts ([link removed])
14 min read

My Husband Died When I Was Three Months Pregnant ([link removed])

"Bye, Sweetie!" I yelled, racing down the stairs, already late for work.
Human Parts ([link removed])
10 min read

Editors' picks

A Nude 'Playboy' Photo Has Been a Mainstay in Testing Tech for Decades ([link removed])

The documentary 'Losing Lena' is about the many small ways in which women are told they don't belong in tech
Corinne Purtill ([link removed])
in OneZero ([link removed])
6 min read

On Being Human, As Directed By Cats ([link removed])

I'm a better person because of the felines in my life. Here's how.
Chryssy Moor ([link removed])
in Tenderly ([link removed])
4 min read

Android Becomes Basically Unusable If You Turn Off All of Google's Tracking ([link removed])

I know, because I tried
Eric Ravenscraft ([link removed])
in OneZero ([link removed])
7 min read

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