From Roy Cooper <[email protected]>
Subject re: Pennsylvania
Date May 15, 2022 4:02 PM
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Democrat Josh Shapiro is running for governor of Pennsylvania, and he could really use your support to keep this critical office out of the GOP’s control. Are you able to split a contribution between his campaign and our team right now? [[link removed]]

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John, Josh Shapiro will always fight to defend our shared values and will veto radical laws that are wrong for Pennsylvanians. I’m proud to support his candidacy, but he needs you on his side as well.

Like North Carolina, Pennsylvania is a state with a GOP-controlled legislature that would enact an ultra-partisan agenda if given the chance. Right now, Pennsylvania’s Democratic governor is able to block Republican legislation aimed at restricting reproductive choice and making it harder to vote. But since the governor is term-limited and cannot seek reelection, Republicans see this race as a key opportunity to gain one-party control over the whole of the PA state government.

Roe v. Wade is about to fall, and Republicans are ready to ban access to essential reproductive health care in every state where they have the power. We must join with PA Democrats to ensure Josh wins in November and is able to retain veto power for Democrats.

PA voters will decide this election, but we can give them our support from all the way here in North Carolina. Click here to split a donation between our team and Josh’s campaign to say you know just how important this election is >>> [[link removed]]

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