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Subject 10 Python Automation Scripts for Your Daily Problems | Haider Imtiaz in Python in Plain English
Date May 14, 2022 11:00 AM
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Today's highlights

10 Python Automation Scripts for Your Daily Problems

A handful of scripts for automating your daily-life tasks

Haider Imtiaz ([link removed]-)
in Python in Plain English ([link removed]-)
·9 min read

9 simple ideas for your next coding project

No idea what your next coding project should be about? In this article, I am presenting ideas and topics that…

xeladu ([link removed]-)
in Level Up Coding ([link removed]-)
·6 min read

UST Depegging - Will It Recover?

This will be one of my last articles on my medium for now.

The DΞFi Ξducator 📖 ([link removed]-)
·9 min read

Will LUNA and UST Recover?| Bitcoin Target | Investment Strategy | My Opinion

Hello there, friends. Let's talk about some important issues today. It's not a joke that UST dropped from $90…

Jessica Doosan ([link removed]-)
·6 min read

In case you missed it

Do NOT do this in React.js (for beginners)

Little tutorial for React.js beginners

Dmytro Cherendieiev ([link removed]-)
·6 min read

Free Books that will Boost Your DevOps Game to the Next Level

In order to stay relevant in the constantly changing world of Cloud and DevOps you must acquire new insights…

Vladimir Mukhin ([link removed]-)
·4 min read

More People Should Use Twitter To Earn Money

It's helped me earn more than freelancing.

Niharikaa Kaur Sodhi ([link removed]-)
in Better Marketing ([link removed]-)
·5 min read

Quick reads

5 Most Common SQL mistakes you should avoid

Learn how to speed up the execution of your SQL queries

Anmol Tomar ([link removed]-)
in Towards Data Science ([link removed]-)
·3 min read

4 Websites That Pay Writers Around $200+ an Article That I Recommend

Plus all the other info you need to know to succeed.

Ashley Broadwater ([link removed]-)
in Better Marketing ([link removed]-)
·4 min read

This is the BEST Developer Roadmap

Are you just starting out how to code, or do you have a few months experience and looking for newer…

Nishant Aanjaney Jalan ([link removed]-)
·3 min read

Editors' picks

What it's like to live in Kyiv during the war

A few observations on daily life in Ukraine's capital city during Russia's military invasion

Anton Protsiuk ([link removed]-)
·3 min read

How Are You So Easy to Find on the Internet?

The ways you share your personal information that's gathered by data brokers and internet cookies

Brandeis Marshall ([link removed]-)
·5 min read

What Does the Perfect Work Day Look Like?

My 20-year experiment with work/life balance is paying off

Dr. Tiffany Jana ([link removed]-)
in An Injustice! ([link removed]-)
·7 min read

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