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Subject BREAKING: We must defend our guns laws
Date May 14, 2022 10:00 AM
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John, just this week, a California court struck down the state’s longstanding restrictions on semiautomatic rifles.

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Over 25 years ago, my beloved son, George Scott, was shot and killed in California. His body riddled with bullet holes, George was taken away from me in a matter of seconds. To this day, I carry a photo of George everywhere I go so I can tell his story to the world.

And while I thought losing George would get easier over time, it’s appalling decisions like this that remind me of how gun violence has devastated countless California communities.

I’ve had ENOUGH of the violence. This ruling is a blatant attack on all Californians’ public safety. Americans have the right to enact strong laws to protect their families and communities from gun violence. Make no mistake, age-based restrictions on semiautomatic weapons help saves lives. But this ruling means we have to work harder than ever to do it — and I need your help — even if you do not reside in California. Why? Because not only are California’s gun laws at stake, but this ruling has the potential to upend gun laws in other states.

Brady’s legal and policy teams are both working hard to ensure that life-saving laws like the one struck down in California are able to stand strong against the opposition. We have a long, impactful history of achieving exactly that. But we need your urgent support. Will you consider donating right now to fuel our life-saving efforts in California and across the country? [[link removed]]

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From the bottom of my heart, thank you, John. I will never get over losing George. But dedicated grassroots supporters like you give me the strength to continue this life-saving work each and every day.
Thank you,
Mattie Scott

Brady California President
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Urge the U.S. Senate: Confirm President Biden’s Nomination for ATF Director!
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In just a few weeks, the U.S. Senate will begin its confirmation process to find a new director of the ATF. As we near this day, we’re mobilizing dedicated grassroots activists to support President Biden’s nominee, Steven Dettelbach — and we need your help.

We need a strong leader at the ATF to oversee the gun industry and ensure the gun laws on the books are implemented, upheld, and enforced. The ATF is the nation’s sole federal agency responsible for this task. But the truth of the matter is that the ATF is severely underfunded and hasn’t had a permanent director since 2015, making it extremely difficult to do this job.

In fact, we have found that even when the ATF finds gun dealers who knowingly break the law, those dealers are able to stay in business and continue to sell firearms. In turn, firearms are sold irresponsibly or even illegally, fueling the epidemic of gun violence in predominantly Black and Brown communities. The bottom line is this: We cannot allow the only federal agency tasked with enforcing gun laws, preventing gun trafficking, and overseeing the gun industry to lack leadership — especially at a time when our nation’s gun violence epidemic rages.

But you can help us change that. Will you urge your senators right now to confirm Steven Dettelabach to lead the ATF? He is a trusted leader with decades of law enforcement experience and is a strong choice to lead the ATF. [[link removed]]

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Remembering the Million Mom March
Fed up and fired up, Donna Dees Thomases started a grassroots movement with the hopes of our children growing up in a safer America. Tomorrow, 22 years ago, she led the Million Mom March in Washington D.C., mobilizing over 750,000 mothers, daughters, and more in what was the largest march against gun violence at the time. Today, we honor and thank all of the moms who have continued to fight for gun violence prevention.

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RSVP for the 2022 Brady Action Awards!

We’re nearing the 2022 Brady Action Awards — and you’re invited to join us! Together, we will honor champions of gun violence prevention whose activism embodies the spirit and legacy of our namesakes, Jim and Sarah Brady. RSVP now to be part of the excitement. [[link removed]]
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Episode 183: Responsible vs Safe Gun Storage
More than 81.4 million Americans own guns, and while we hope that those guns are all stored in a way to prevent unauthorized access, we know that is sadly not the case. Storing firearms locked, unloaded, and separate from ammunition can reduce gun deaths and injuries. And while talking about gun safety and mental health with friends and family can be difficult, they are crucial conversations to have.

This week, we’re joined by Michael Sodini, a firearm industry professional and the founder of Walk the Talk America. Michael focuses on the intersection of mental health awareness and firearms. Together, we discuss safe and responsible gun storage, the importance of credible messengers, and why we all need to be more open in our discussions of mental health. [[link removed]]

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Ex-Justice Officials Call on Senate to Confirm Biden's ATF Director to Fight Gun Violence [[link removed]] , The American Independent

Booker Introduces Legislation to Address Vulnerabilities Within Federal Gun Background Check System [[link removed]] , InsiderNJ

Rep. Bobby Rush and Sen. Tammy Duckworth Reintroduce Bill to Take on Gun Violence [[link removed]] , Chicago Defender
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In April, country music lost a legend with the death of Naomi Judd, a five-time Grammy winner and mother of two. Naomi Judd was about to be inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame and was expected to start touring again. This week, her daughters shared with the world that Naomi died by firearm suicide. End Family Fire Director Colleen Creighton shared the importance of conversations like these.

“The Judd family’s bravery in candidly sharing Naomi Judd’s story will save lives by bringing attention to this national emergency and sparking conversations about mental health and access to firearms in times of crisis. These kinds of conversations are crucial, as stigma surrounding suicide has created barriers to accessing resources and care. Normalizing these conversations is a critical step to preventing suicide. Simple solutions, such as safely storing firearms, can create a physical and time barrier that stops individuals in crisis considering suicide from accessing a firearm.”

We thank and applaud the Judd family for bravely sharing this difficult news and for bringing attention to the increasing crisis of gun suicide. For opening up during their time of mourning and helping begin a national conversation, they are our Gun Violence Prevention Heroes of the Week. [[link removed]]
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Thank you for supporting Brady and our work to prevent gun violence and save lives. We rely heavily on the generosity of activists like you to fund our work to create a safer America. If you're in this fight, please join Brady today by making a gift.
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