From Ruben Gallego <[email protected]>
Subject When the shit hits the fan
Date May 12, 2022 1:56 PM
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[1]Ruben Gallego for Arizona

Friends -

One of the things I learned in war is that when the shit really hits the fan, most people want to believe what is happening is not really happening.

It is the same thing you see in mass shootings when people don’t run or don’t hide; they freeze or can’t believe what is happening is actually happening.

I saw the same thing on January 6.

I was in the chamber trying to help put my colleagues in focus, that we were in actual danger. I’ll never forget trying to teach my colleagues how to put their masks on and stay safe.

And I see the same thing with Republican attacks on our democracy.

It IS really happening.

Republicans are making it harder for people to vote. They are drawing maps in ways that make most elections uncompetitive.

They deny election results and undermine trust in our democratic institutions.

They are even out there replacing election officials who certified Joe Biden’s legitimate victory.

Democracy is not guaranteed to us.

I was willing to give my life for it as a Marine and on January 6.

And you can be damn sure I’ll do everything I can to fight for it in Congress.

But I cannot do that alone.

If you — like me — realize our democracy is under attack from the far-right in this country, I need your help:

Please make a $3 contribution to my campaign today. Help me win re-election and serve another term fighting for you in Congress. I cannot do this alone.

CONTRIBUTE $3: [link removed]

Thank you for understanding the severity of the situation we face as a country.


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