From USA Carry <[email protected]>
Subject All smartphones do THIS when turned off (scary)
Date May 9, 2022 11:10 AM
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  Links have been removed from this email. Learn more in the FAQ.
Not many people realize this, but when you turn off your smartphone, there’s a good chance it’s not really off.

Which means it could be spying on you in your most private moments.

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Even after you “power down” your smartphone, it can still:

• Track your location via GPS
• Record audio of you and your family
• Even access your camera to take pictures and record video!

Worst of all...

Recently leaked documents show the CIA and NSA are likely using this fact to spy on you right now!!

Thankfully, if you follow the simple steps you’ll see at the link below, you can fully turn off your smartphone so it’s NEVER used to monitor you.

(You’ll see how to stay private while it’s turned on too.)

Sadly, hacking your phone is just one of several infuriating ways the Government is monitoring your private life every day.

If you want to STOP THEM ALL, my friend and ex-insider Frank Mitchell will show you how.

He gives you all the details in his new book Wire Tapped America -- which is available FREE today.

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Your Free copy of this incredible book reveals how to become totally invisible to the Government’s prying eyes.

Inside, you’ll discover:

• The disgusting way your car tracks your every move... and what you must do to stop it NOW.

• 2 common appliances that spy on you throughout the day, and how you can blindfold them for good.

• How the CIA is using your personal property against you to further their unconstitutional agenda (truly shocking).

Like I said, Frank is offering you this book Free today -- as part of a limited Privacy Alert giveaway.

But there aren’t many copies left.

The next 88 readers are guaranteed to get one Free.

After that, you may have to wait and pay full price ($39.95) if you still want this.

So grab your Free copy NOW, before it’s too late

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