Roy is working hard to flip this Senate seat blue.

Roy Cooper for North Carolina

This week, the right-wing got what they’ve wanted for so long: a clear sign that Roe v. Wade is going to be overturned.

Now, Democrats in Washington are working to protect access to reproductive care at the federal level — and we have a chance to help them. North Carolina has a Senate seat up for grabs in November, and Roy is already working hard to help flip it blue.

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The GOP’s top candidates in next week’s primary, like former governor Pat McCrory, would do everything in their power to block abortion protections or even move to ban abortion at the federal level.

When he was governor, McCrory signed anti-choice legislation that made it harder for North Carolinians to control their reproductive futures and shut down three reproductive care clinics — now, only 14 clinics remain open in our state.

John, Pat McCrory attacked women's reproductive rights before and he’d do it again.

North Carolinians deserve elected officials who understand that politicians have no place making people’s personal medical decisions for them. With Roe in imminent danger, it’s never been more important to elect pro-choice champions.

Roy is committed to doing his part to defeat right-wing GOP candidates who will take us backward. He’ll support pro-choice Democrats up and down the NC ballot, and he’s counting on you to make it possible. Rush a donation of $5 to help >>>

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