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Hello Friends,

Politico has just broken the story that confirms our worst fears. The Supreme Court is planning to overturn both Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey with their upcoming ruling on the pending Mississippi case. This means that 26 states are certain or likely to ban abortion this year


Abortion Access Front was already preparing for this outcome, so hold JULY 17 on your calendar for Operation Save Abortion. We don’t have time to despair.

There is already an incredibly devoted and badass network of people fighting to protect abortion access and helping those who need abortion care—independent clinics, abortion funds, practical support groups, grassroots advocacy organizations, and more. On Sunday, July 17, you will hear directly from the leaders in this movement on what they need you to do to save abortion. It’s your training day and you will walk away with a plan to help abortion access in your community. 

SIGN UP NOW at OperationSaveAbortion.com to get updates and the registration link when it’s ready so you can prepare for July 17 and beyond!

As we collectively try to process this information, AAF will be bringing some of the top legal and policy minds THIS FRIDAY to our weekly podcast Feminist Buzzkills Live to explain how this cataclysmic decision for reproductive rights and bodily autonomy may unfold. Listen in.

I know this is almost too much to bear. But it’s the reality we must face. I need you to stand with us, and with those on the ground who are and have been fighting to protect abortion access.




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