On April 15, Mayor Todd Gloria released his proposed Fiscal Year 2023 (FY23) Budget, “Ready to Rebuild,” (Proposed Budget) which emphasizes investing in our human capital, repairing aging infrastructure, and improving core services.  

Over the next several weeks, the public, our City’s Independent Budget Analyst (IBA), and City Council have the opportunity to review, improve, and build upon the Mayor’s Proposed Budget. 

Beginning next week, City Council is holding public hearings to consider each department’s proposed expenditures for the FY23, July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2023. These hearings are open to the public and you can participate in-person at the 12th Floor Council Chambers at City Hall, by phone at 1-669-254 5252, or via Zoom.
My office has been listening to you over the past year. Where the Proposed Budget falls short of the city services and expenditures that you need, I will seek funding in the upcoming budget hearings. These include, in part: 

  • Additional lifeguard positions to protect you on our beaches and bays; 
  • Additional code enforcement to uphold our existing and new regulations (like the recently approved Short Term Rental Occupancy and Sidewalk Vendor Ordinances); 
  • Increase library allocations for much needed books, electronic resources, system-wide databases, and other educational tools; 
  • Achieving our Climate Action Plan goals; 
  • Increased funding for Arts and Culture. 

We are working to deliver a Budget that works best for District 1 and the City. I urge you to continue speaking up and sharing your priorities, not only during the formal budget hearings, but also at my District 1 Budget Town Halls on May 2 and May 21 (register here.) 

Yours truly,
Councilmember Joe LaCava
City of San Diego District 1