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Hey john!

BREAKING NEWS OUT OF OKLAHOMA: Folks in the Sooner State are having a pile on of abortion bans this month. Late on Thursday, the Oklahoma legislature passed a ridiculous six week abortion ban complete with the Texas-copycat bounty-hunter accoutrements of terribleness. This law will go into effect IMMEDIATELY upon the Governor’s signature - meaning this weekend

And this law is the cherry on top of Oklahoma’s shit sundae total ban set to go into effect THIS AUGUST. We break it all down for you (and more) on this week’s episode of AAF’s Feminist Buzzkills Live! Podcast.


Three’s a party! In addition to explaining all the anti-abortion horror that’s happened this week, the Feminist Buzzkills Live! podcast welcomes Cece Caruso & Imani Wilson-Shabazz of Plan C Pills to lay out what exactly Plan C does and how you can spread the word about abobo pills. Plus! The hilarious AF Joyelle Nicole Johnson joins in to drop the deets on her comedy special, Love Joy, and her album, Yell Joy. The podcast episode drops TONIGHT at 6PM ET wherever you get your pod fix!


And finally, in abortion fairy godmother news, this week AAF did some nurturing by sending lunch and a whole lotta love to the staff at Northland Family Planning in Southfield, Michigan after extremists invaded their clinic, terrorized patients and staff, and were hauled out and arrested. We’re dedicated to tracking the anti-abortion extremists attacking clinics around the country and doing whatever we can to hold these assholes accountable, so our work was instrumental in documenting the incident and identifying the harassers. At the button below you can pitch in to support this vital work.


We’re grateful to be fighting alongside each of you.

Lizz, Moji, and Marie


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