From Team AAU <[email protected]>
Subject Important Goal!
Date April 28, 2022 12:00 AM
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  Links have been removed from this email. Learn more in the FAQ.
Major deadline approaching!

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An America United has another critical deadline on Saturday that needs your


We are up against a tidal wave of money from partisan special interest groups
and toxic politicans as they push for the same failed policies.


We don't believe in scammy fundraising tactics, but we believe in you to help
us change our future.


With our major end-of-month deadline approaching, we still need $6,550 to
close the funding gap for digital & in-person outreach.

What amount can you chip in towards this goal?
Full Goal >> $6,550
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1/2 of Goal >> $3,275
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1/4 of Goal >> $1,638
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1/8 of Goal >> $819
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Chip Away at the Goal with $10, $25, $55, $100, or $250
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An America United and Governor Larry Hogan are dedicated to healing America's
political discourse and adovcating for smart, common sense solutions to our
economic woes, gerrymandering, public safety, and cutting taxes.


An America United stands by leaders like Governor Larry Hogan who are
committed to uniting and healing our country. 


Your contribution today will help us build a future our children will be proud
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Thank you,

Team An America United

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Contributions to An America United are not deductible as charitable
contributions for federal income tax purposes.

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