From David Weinman – An America United <[email protected]>
Subject Peace Through Strength
Date April 26, 2022 10:00 PM
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An America United stands for strong, common sense conservative leadership in
our country. 


We need strong and responsible leaders like Governor Larry Hogan who can calm
the political storms, move us forward, and protect our communities. 


Unlike failed leadership we saw from Mayors and Governors in the summer of
2020, Governor Hogan provided leadership in Maryland during the Baltimore riots
in 2015 when the city needed it most.
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Watch our latest video and join An America United to help fight for strong
leadership across the country.
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Help us support leaders & policies that seek to bring our nation together, not
tear it apart.
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Governor Hogan was able to take control of a dangerous situation and mobilize
the government and law enforcement to stop the violence. He brought Maryland
together – while also allowing more peaceful protests. 


Peace wasn't an unexplainable anomaly. It had everything to do with Governor
Hogan's compassionate and strong leadership andpeace through strength.


Join An America United in standing with strong, compassionate, and common
sense conservative leaders who can lead and bring people together during
difficult times.
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Thank you,

David Weinman
Executive Director, An America United

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