All our progress is on the line.

Roy Cooper for North Carolina

Hi John,

North Carolina’s primary elections are next month. And once the primary is over, it’s a sprint to the finish line until Election Day.

John, my team and I are committing significant resources to support Democrats up and down the ballot, and next month after the primary, our efforts will ramp up. We need to be prepared with sufficient funds to achieve our goals. I’m counting on supporters like you to help make it possible.

Kate, my finance director, let me know that we have to raise $8,000 by 11:59 pm on the 30th to be ready for the election season that begins next month. Please, chip in anything you can right now to get us started on our goal >>>

As you know, all our progress for North Carolina is on the line in November.

If Republicans gain legislative supermajorities, they’ll be able to push through their radical agenda no matter what.

Instead of prioritizing clean energy initiatives, they will ignore the threat of climate change altogether. Rather than ensuring that every eligible North Carolinian is able to have their voice heard in our elections, they will pass anti-democratic legislation to make it harder for some people to vote. And so much more.

John, I truly am relying on Democrats like you to stand with me now. Together, we can support Democratic candidates who share our values and will help move this state forward. If you’re with me, donate right now to help us reach our April goal >>>

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I appreciate your assistance,


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Send donations via check to:
Cooper for North Carolina
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