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Good Lords! Government defeated on Elections Bill

Our democracy now in MP's hands. Support Best for Britain's campaign to protect democracy now.

The Lords today amended the Elections Bill to protect free and fair elections in the UK by upholding the independence of the Electoral Commission. Now it goes back to the Commons for MPs to vote later this week.

Best for Britain supported the amendment, and coordinated with Lords and opposition parties to get it passed. So it's thanks to YOU that we stand a chance of protecting our democracy.



Under clauses originally in the Bill, Ministers want to be given new and unchecked powers over the Electoral Commission, leaving it open to undue influence and undermining free and fair elections in the UK.

Ministers are senior members of the governing political party, so giving them control over the elections watchdog is like putting a fox in charge of the hen house. It is a brazen attempt from this government to give themselves unfair advantage over opposition parties during elections.



The Lords have given MPs another chance to decide whether they support free and fair elections, or whether they’re willing to give a greater sense of impunity to a government already guilty of breaking their own laws.

We have to reach MPs and their constituents in greater numbers than we already have. Our team will continue lobbying MPs and Lords directly, and a contribution from you will make sure we can help hundreds more people contact their MPs.

Add your contribution to the fund now, if you can.

Naomi Smith
CEO, Best for Britain

PS. Thank you for your support, your campaigning actions no matter how you have taken part have got us this far. Take the next, most vital step, and contribute to the campaign fund now.

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