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Subject Climate justice is... FW: [ADD YOUR NAME]: Do you care about the 🌎 ?
Date April 22, 2022 4:35 PM
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We want to make this simple, at A Woman’s Place, we believe…
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Do you agree? Make sure you add your name to our list of climate activists! [[link removed]]
There’s no time to waste – we need to elect leaders who will take action now to save our Earth. According to scientists, we need to keep the global temperature from rising 2.7 degrees to avoid unprecedented natural disasters that could destroy millions of livelihoods and habitats.
Join us in celebrating this Earth Day by supporting Democratic women candidates across the country. Donate $27, so we can endorse more leaders who believe climate justice is a social, economic, and time-sensitive issue. [[link removed]]
Donate Now [[link removed]]
- A Woman’s Place PAC
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It’s almost Earth Day, John!
We are collecting the names of folks who are ready to make a difference for our planet. Are you ready to fight for change? Add your name now!
ADD YOUR NAME [[link removed]]
John, it’s clear that Republicans are not thinking about the climate crisis – how can we tell?
→ Members of the GOP continue to vote against critical climate action legislation, like the REVIVE Act introduced by A Woman's Place endorsee, Rep. Susan Wild
→ Republican candidates unapologetically accept money from big oil companies to run their campaigns
→ Many Republican officials have outspokenly denied the climate crisis altogether
Our planet cannot wait. We are working hard to provide resources and organizing power to Democratic leaders ready to save our planet and push back against Republicans in the House.
We maximize the impact of every dollar in the door to do everything we can to push back on the GOP extremist agenda.
Climate disasters will continue to disproportionately harm communities on the margins if we don’t take action now. John, do you believe we need to prioritize electing leaders who will fight to mitigate the climate crisis? Let us know by instantly adding your name here. [[link removed]]
John, we know the climate crisis is real. That’s why A Woman’s Place is lifting up the voices we need to fight for our Earth in the House. We are tearing down financial barriers and helping Democratic candidates like Rep. Susan Wild push for climate action on the Hill.
John, are you ready to join our mission? Donate now. [[link removed]]
Climate disasters aren’t going away. Your donation today will show you are ready to stand up and save our planet.
- A Woman’s Place
The contemporary political landscape is filled with progressive women who are running for elected office up and down the ballot, who possess a true vision of equality for this country's future. A Woman's Place seeks to support their efforts by providing financial resources to embrace this tongue-in-cheek idea of what a woman's place should be.
We help put women where they belong: positions of political leadership throughout all levels of government.
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Learn more about our work and mission by visiting our website [[link removed]] .
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