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Hey john!

First up, this episode of Feminist Buzzkills Live! is gonna be lit!

We are kicking off the show with White Hot Breaking News out of Texas! Another federal lawsuit has been filed to challenge the piece-of-garbage SB8 “bounty” legislation that has greatly reduced abortion access in the Lone Star state since September. And who is filing it? None other than Our Lady of Badass Abortion Filibustering–former TX Senator Wendy Davis, along with a Texas abortion fund called the Stigma Relief Fund

Your Feminist Buzzkills will fill you in on the non-stop threats of lawsuits and jail time that abortion funds and their donors have been receiving. 



As of Friday, Kentucky became the only state in the U.S. without a single clinic able to provide abortions because of a law that contained sneaky backdoor bans. Listen. Covertly creating obstacles that clinics can’t, NOR SHOULD comply with is next level bullshit. Erin Smith, the Executive Director of Kentucky Health Justice Network is joining us to share all the deets.

And as always we feature the best comics on each episode–long time AAF stan and amazing comedian, writer and actor D’Lo stopped by to talk about his one man show! 

This episode drops later today, right here or wherever you get your podfix.


And you know we are out there in these reproductive streets helping out providers this week!

AAF does whatever we can to make the work of doctors and staff a little easier. With the help of an amazing donor, we were able to set up a clinic with $500 in gas gift cards to help patients get to their appointments. If you want to help us support clinics and patients in need, we make it easy! Just pop over here and send something from their wishlists!

Or you know, we won’t hate it if you want to donate directly to AAF to help us support indie clinics or our podcast!  It’s fun to expose anti-abortion fuckwits together and create a future where clinic staff can work without harassment and people needing abortions can JUST GET ONE ALREADY.


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