From Katie Porter HQ <[email protected]>
Subject Changing trends for swing districts
Date April 21, 2022 12:21 AM
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Because of recent redistricting, congressional districts all across the
country are becoming either more red or more blue, meaning they’re
relatively safe seats for either party.

That means that the few ‘swing seats’ or purple districts that are left
are more critical than ever before. Districts like CA-47 will determine
the House majority, which could come down to just a few races. Here’s what
makes CA-47 a toss-up.

* Our district has an equal number of registered Republicans and
* Gov. Newsom won our district by just a single point in last fall’s
recall election
* CA-47 includes deep red strongholds and national Republican groups are
targeting this seat

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|competitive economy that works for everyone. She’s standing up to |
|corporate special interests and doesn’t take any money from corporate |
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