What if you knew that Mark Kelly is down by TWO POINTS in Arizona in a new poll?

Team –

In just a moment, I am going to ask you to split a contribution between my re-election campaign and my friend Debbie Stabenow. Please give me a chance to explain why this request — especially today — is so important to our chances.

Here’s the truth:

In just over a week, we close the books on a critical fundraising deadline.

The pundits and our opponents will all be wondering how much money we’ve raised and how many donations we’ve received.

But what we’re trying to do is even more important than that: We’re building the kind of campaign that can take on the entire national Republican establishment and win.

That requires considerable financial resources. And after this deadline hits, we’ll take stock of them and make a lot of important spending decisions — decisions that will decide the fate of this campaign.

So with this deadline fast approaching, I’m asking:

Can you please split a $25 contribution between our campaign and Debbie Stabenow before our April deadline comes to a close? I would not ask if it were not so important.

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We are in a great position to win this race — but we have to be ready. And if you chip in to help, I know we will be.

Thank you,

Mark Kelly





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