From Brian Mast <[email protected]>
Subject Just like we thought...
Date April 20, 2022 5:49 PM
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This is urgent because the swamp creatures in DC are desperately trying to hold onto the power they’ve grabbed over the past 2 years! In a minute, I’ll recap what’s been happening when it comes to Joe Biden’s administration APPEALING a Florida judge who finally struck down the stupid mask rules on airplanes and other public transportation. But since this is shaping up to be a long and costly legal battle, we need IMMEDIATE reinforcements if liberty is going to prevail over Biden’s tyrannical demands! Can you help ASAP? Pitch In Before They Take Our Freedom AGAIN!!! FIRST, Democrats imposed these mandates (that were about POWER more than science…) all across the country, including forcing troops to get the vaccine and forcing asthmatic toddlers to be strapped in masks on airplanes. THEN, I SUED Joe Biden’s CDC to finally end these arbitrary rules. I didn’t lose my legs for freedom just to see power-hungry politicians take it away! LATER, a federal judge in Florida agreed with our fight, saying the CDC had totally overstepped its authority. Leave it to Florida to lead the way for personal responsibility, commonsense and freedom! BUT NOW, Biden’s administration is desperately trying to APPEAL THE RULING. These tyrants couldn’t stand that a judge followed the Constitution and called out their B.S. Now they’re getting their high-powered lawyers to reverse the decision so they can keep their big-government control in place! Any appeal could mean that the stupid masks will come RIGHT BACK while this makes its way through the courts. That means we have to keep our foot on the gas and fight for our freedom RIGHT NOW. If you don’t want to go right back to having a mask strapped to your face every time you take public transportation, will you join me and send in any support you can to push back on Biden’s appeal? KEEP UP THE FIGHT! $5 $10 $50 $100 ANY AMOUNT Thank you for your urgent support, SSG Brian Mast, U.S. Army (ret.) PAID FOR BY MAST FOR CONGRESS Mast For Congress | | PO Box 3016, Stuart, FL 34995 You are receiving this email because you opted in on our website. You can unsubscribe here. Privacy Policy
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