Dear John

Partygate isn’t this Government’s only outrageous act. Progress on the Elections Bill is reaching a crucial tipping point. Can we count on your support?

Next week the Lords have the opportunity to remove troubling parts of the government’s Elections Bill which would stifle the independence of the elections watchdog. We believe the Lords will make the amendments needed. 

But then, very quickly, the Bill will return to the Commons where the government has a big majority of MPs. This is YOUR opportunity to communicate to your MP the importance of retaining the amendments we expect the Lords to make.


The government is in a hurry. The State Opening of Parliament is due in just a few weeks and any legislation not completed beforehand will fall - that is, it will just fizzle out and would need to be started from scratch all over again.They won’t want to let that happen.

As the Lords have already amended the Elections Bill (and we expect they will amend it further on the 25th), the Bill will need to return to the Commons and then
back again to the Lords before it can be passed. It will keep going back and forth until both Houses can agree, in a process called ‘ping pong’. The Government might force the Houses to sit all night going back and forth to get it done.



That’s why you need to get in touch with your MP. If MPs challenge the Government robustly, and if Conservatives rebel, it will be far more difficult for the Government to pass the Elections Bill without making serious concessions.

It will take just two minutes to send your MP a bespoke message. That’s just two minutes to make a world of difference. Click the button above now and stand up for democracy. 

Best wishes,

Naomi Smith

CEO - Best for Britain

PS. tens of thousands of people have signed our petition for a vote of no confidence in this lawbreaking PM - make sure you have too:

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