Dear John

Lawmakers should not be lawbreakers.

Boris Johnson and the equally reckless Rishi Sunak have both been fined for their involvement in Downing Street lockdown parties. They are the first sitting PM and Chancellor who have broken the law in office. 

The shock and the anger won’t abate, no matter how much the PM’s allies try to pretend that the public just doesn’t care. No matter how they try to use the war in Ukraine as an excuse not to do the right thing.

They need to be held to account for what they have done. The PM must face a vote of no confidence. Tell your MP that this matters to you.



Lockdown parties aren’t just a set of innocent mistakes. They are symptomatic of absolute power corrupting absolutely. They are a sign of the utter contempt that the Government had for the rules it set for the rest of us - and of the contempt the Government has for society itself. 

The parties were bad enough, but then came lies and attempts to avoid accountability. When governments behave like this, democracy itself is compromised. 

So don’t hesitate. By getting in touch with your MP now and sharing your disgust, you’re not just complaining about some minor infringement of the rules.



You’re expressing your horror at a country where the Government avoids scrutiny and expects to get away with it. You’re expressing your horror at a system where lawbreakers are allowed to make the law. You’re expressing your horror at an apparent democracy where it’s one rule for our leaders, and another for the rest of us.

Write today - and speak up against a whole system of lies. 

Best wishes,

Naomi Smith

CEO - Best for Britain

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