From Our Revolution <[email protected]>
Subject Making the Student Debt Pause Permanent
Date April 14, 2022 3:50 PM
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President Biden promised to cancel student debt, and he needs to deliver. Americans need immediate relief and Democrats need to regain trust ahead of the midterms.

That’s why Our Revolution and Nina Turner marched on Capitol Hill last week with many activist organizations demanding the abolition of student debt.

In direct response to our pressure, the Biden administration again paused student loan payments — this time through August. The president can make it permanent with the flick of a pen, but it will take our outside movement to make it happen.

Bernie Sanders hosted a town hall on student debt last night, exposing the injustices Americans face in the pursuit of an education, a job, and a life of dignity. Rush a donation now to fund our work and mount the pressure necessary to make the student loan payment pause permanent! ([link removed])

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Our Revolution leader Gabriella Ambroise, who is saddled with over $100,000 in student loan debt, told CNBC in an interview:

“Canceling student debt doesn’t take responsibility away from the student — it recognizes the impact that disinvestment in public higher education has had on the children of working-class Americans.”

This isn’t just the morally right thing to do, it would jumpstart our economy and help stave off a right wing wave in November. Borrowers have saved $200B since student loan payments were paused under Trump, and now Democrats are going to turn them back on right before the election?

As Gabriella said: “Recent election results have shown us Democrats need to connect with Black voters and young voters in a meaningful way and provide concrete material relief to communities which are most impacted by systemic racial and social inequities.”

From marching on Capitol Hill to speaking out to the media, Our Revolution members are on the frontlines fighting to deliver student debt relief to 45 million people and their families. Donate now to help us organize to abolish it for good! ([link removed])

Cancel. It. All.

Our Revolution


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