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Thursday, April 14, 2022
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High Schools

Seven students charged in alleged assaults on former Woburn football player

Johnathan Coucelos’ parents said they remain dismayed by the length of time between the locker room incident and the formal charges, as well as by the coaching staff and administration’s handling of the alleged assaults. Continue reading →


Can an app that pays people $5 a day to stop drinking keep them sober?

Boston startup DynamiCare Health designed an app that distributes small monetary rewards to trigger the same gratification response in the brain that someone might get from substance abuse. Continue reading →


For flight attendants in high-priced cities, crash pads are a ‘rite of passage’

With starting pay hovering around $30,000 a year for many flight attendants, the need for an affordable place to sleep a few nights a week is only becoming more pressing. Continue reading →


Amid leadership transition, labor tensions grow in Boston Public Schools

The contract disputes are heating up as the state is conducting an unexpected review of the school system, sparking concern the state might try to seize control of BPS to get programs on track. Continue reading →


Leaders of Poland and three Baltic countries visit Ukraine in show of support as Russian troops mount in east

The presidents of four countries on Russia’s doorstep visited Ukraine on Wednesday and underscored their support for the embattled country. “The fight for Europe’s future is happening here,” Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauseda said. Continue reading →

The Nation


Suspect in New York subway shooting arrested

Frank James was arrested in the East Village, officials said, and has been charged with having committed a terrorist act on a mass transit system. Continue reading →


Warren, Chu press IRS on increase in audits of low-income households

Two congressional Democrats are pressing the Internal Revenue Service for more details about why the audit rate for the lowest-earning households has nearly doubled in the past year, in face of pledges by President Biden to restrain such examinations. Continue reading →


First busload of migrants from Texas arrives in Washington, D.C.

A bus filled with migrants recently apprehended along Texas’s southern border arrived Wednesday morning near Union Station in Washington, D.C. Continue reading →

The World


Climate pledges are improving but still leave world on a disastrous path

The good news: Long-term pledges that nations have made to cut greenhouse gas pollution have the collective potential to avoid some of the most catastrophic impacts of climate change. Continue reading →


Despite Russian warnings, Finland and Sweden draw closer to NATO

Even before his invasion of Ukraine, President Vladimir Putin of Russia had warned Sweden and Finland of “retaliation” should they join NATO. It was, after all, Ukraine’s desire to join the alliance that he cited time and again as provocation for his war. Continue reading →


Class and air-raid sirens: School in wartime for Ukraine’s children

Parents, teachers, and school administrators are scrambling to provide classes for the 5.5 million school-age children who remain in the country, as well as for thousands of others who have fled to other countries. Continue reading →

Editorial & Opinion


The MBTA isn’t as safe as it should be

There have been several deaths, injuries, and inconveniences. Are these disparate events, or is there a pattern? Continue reading →


US must lend a hand in prosecuting Russian war crimes

A bipartisan effort to clear away legal hurdles sends a message to the world. Continue reading →


Vermont newspaper owner is given a rather close reading

It’s not xenophobic for Vermonters to be concerned when a very rich currency trader suddenly shows up in a rural area and starts buying properties left and right. Continue reading →



Mayor Michelle Wu presents $3.99 billion budget, pledging ‘transformative’ change

The Wu administration unveiled plans for a number of new programs and priorities, funded by federal COVID relief money, at the city's traditional budget breakfast. Continue reading →

Crime & Courts

Justice Department announces court-ordered reforms of Springfield Police Department to address excessive force claims

The proposed settlement will mandate court-ordered reforms aimed at addressing a pattern of misconduct detailed in a report issued two years ago by federal investigators. Continue reading →


Mass. House passes on tax breaks proposed by Baker for now, seeks to boost spending on kids, criminal justice

“We felt they weren’t necessary at the time. We have money, we have a surplus,” Speaker Ronald Mariano said of Baker's tax breaks. Continue reading →


On Baseball

The Red Sox have persevered through a 3-3 start, and now they return to Fenway for Friday’s home opener

A 9-7 victory against the Tigers on Wednesday was the third win in four games for the Sox. Continue reading →


What to look for as Nets-Celtics first-round playoff series nears

Will Ben Simmons return for the Nets? Who will be the top star — Jayson Tatum or Kevin Durant? Will the Celtics’ defense hold up? When will Robert Williams return? The X-factors? Continue reading →

red sox 9, tigers 7

Trevor Story shakes off stomach bug to help Red Sox secure series win over Tigers

Story, who had missed the last three games, went 2 for 5 while recording his first RBI with the Red Sox. Continue reading →



For flight attendants in high-priced cities, crash pads are a ‘rite of passage’

With starting pay hovering around $30,000 a year for many flight attendants, the need for an affordable place to sleep a few nights a week is only becoming more pressing. Continue reading →


Despite federal crackdown, the robocalls just keep coming

Robocalls from telemarketers and con artists have rebounded to about the same levels as last spring, before phone companies rolled out new technology required by the FCC. Continue reading →


State climate bill would let 10 communities ban natural gas hookups. Business groups say that’s a bad idea.

They say halting gas hookups will drive up housing costs and deter development, while supporters argue that the restrictions are necessary if the state is going to reach its goal of being net-zero for carbon emissions by 2050. Continue reading →



Jordan Mooney, an avatar of punk style, dies at 66

To many, she was the first Sex Pistol. “There are people who embody a time and a place,” said Jon Savage, the British cultural critic. “They don’t leave a body of art or writing, but their image is such they might as well have. Jordan was that impressive." Continue reading →


Jerry Uelsmann, maker of surreal images, dies at 87

The photographer weaved collages of figures into his images through darkroom manipulations. Continue reading →

Arts & Lifestyle


In ‘Six Walks,’ Ben Shattuck retraces Thoreau’s wanderings

The South Dartmouth artist, writer, and general store owner chats about his first book with Nick Offerman on April 19. Continue reading →


5 favorite basketball movies to feed your hoops fever

As the Celtics prepare for the NBA playoffs, I've been thinking about Tinseltown’s track record with basketball movies and TV shows. There have been many — surely more than any other major sport — but, honestly, only a handful of these hoops stories have been slam dunks. Continue reading →


Husband says wife must not roam from home

Advice for the real world. Continue reading →