From Ron Millar, Center for Freethought Equality <[email protected]>
Subject Groomer. Predator. Pedophile.
Date April 13, 2022 12:45 PM
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If you want to understand the forces we’re up against, look no further than school boards.

Just a couple of weeks ago, one of our secular champions Karl Frisch, who sits on the Fairfax County, VA School Board, was called a groomer, predator, and pedophile.

The evidence of these charges was presented by a woman wildly waving a picture of Frisch and his husband. According to this woman and the rest of the Christian Nationalist movement targeting school boards, gay people serving on school boards simply want to be closer to children so they can commit sexual felonies.


We’re actively working to defend secular champions like Frisch against these ugly, homophobic attacks, but we can’t do it without your help.

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I wish I could say this attack on Frisch was an isolated incident.

Earlier this year, a woman in Luray, VA threatened to “bring every single gun loaded and ready” if her children were required to wear masks at school.

In Loudon County, the adult child of a school board member received a letter in the mail, stating “It is too bad that your mother is an ugly communist whore. If she doesn’t quit or resign… we will kill her. But first, we will kill you!”

Reuters documented 220 recent instances of death threats and harassment against school board decisions related to COVID-19, transgender rights, and lessons about racism.

We cannot allow these threats to go unchallenged, or for secular champions like Karl Frisch and others to be bullied and intimidated out of their position.

Make your gift now - even $10 will make a difference - and support our work to defend elected officials on school boards and across government from vicious assaults waged by radical Christian Nationalists. >> [link removed]

Thanks as always for your support.

Ron Millar
Political and PAC Coordinator
Center for Freethought Equality

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