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Date April 12, 2022 9:58 PM
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A note from from Mayor Brian Turnbull...


It’s that time of the year, and we have entered Easter Week. To some, this is an extremely spiritual time of the year (Holy Week), and to others with young children, it’s all about the Easter bunny and Easter egg hunts. We will take a look at both, and also see how others around the world celebrate Easter.

Before looking at Easters of the past, let’s see what’s happening in town today:

Our local monthly Car Shows started up this past Saturday (informally) with a great showing. Officially, we will run from May-November. Details will be published before next month’s gathering.

Downtown Social District Update
A survey on the future of the Social District was recently sent out. But you can take it right now by clicking on the following link. Downtown Street Closure Survey – Click Here ([link removed])

Covid-19 Confirmed Cases:
* Northville has had 709 cases/6 fatalities, Township 5854/81, Michigan 2.4M/36K, Nation 80M/986K, Global 499M/6.2M. (

Let's take a look at Easter celebrations through time around the Ville:

Easter, also called Pascha or Resurrection Sunday, is a Christian festival and cultural holiday commemorating the resurrection of Jesus. According to the New Testament, this occurred on the third day after his burial following his crucifixion by the Romans at Calvary. Most Christians refer to the week before Easter as “Holy Week.” Customs vary across the world and include sunrise services, midnight vigils, musical activities, stations of the cross, Easter Egg hunts and easter baskets for the youth.

Easter Bunny
The Easter Bunny is a folkloric figure, a symbol of Easter fun and family celebrations. He is depicted as a rabbit, sometimes dressed in clothes bringing colorful Easter eggs to the youth. This custom originated among German Lutherans. The Easter Hare originally played the role of evaluating whether children were good at the start of the season, similar to the naughty or nice list made by Santa Claus. As part of the legend, the Rabbit carries colored eggs and candy in its basket (and sometimes even toys) to the homes of children who were good.

Some highpoints of Easter in Northville through the years (from The Northville Record) include:

1898 – Our local tailor (Freydl’s) advertised special Easter patterns for the holiday and from another local shop (Holmes, Dancer & Co.), there were Easter gloves (69 cents), a jeweled belt (25 cents) and ribbon (10 cents a yard).

1902 – The ladies of the Presbyterian Church held an Easter bazaar at the Princess Rink on Dunlap (across from CVS), displaying domestic works, fancy stitched items, candy, secondhand goods, vegetables and poultry. The Presby’s were known for their evening meals at the church or the library. This particular year, it was at the “Rink.” Pot Pies were served before an evening of music & entertainment began.

1909 – The Record spoke about the Methodist Church’s Easter cantata. The paper noted, “the bright catchy music in this cantata will be for all lovers of music that attend.”

1916 – The Northville Record also told us about outstanding choir activities at all the churches in the Village and mentioned that most of our citizens attended; not a seat was available on Easter Day. The bells and the music were abounding for all Northvillains to experience.

1933 – Pageantry took place with a group of actors who played out the activities of Holy Week for three different churches in town. A Hallelujah choral event took place at OLV that could be heard throughout the Orchard Heights area.

1949 – A famous radio music host (Sergeant Legree) who had been a police officer in Flint at one time sang at the Baptist church. Additionally, sunrise services were common this year.

1989 – The legend of the Easter Tree was written about in the paper, describing how it symbolized the joyous season of rebirth and triumph over winter. It originated in Europe where children celebrated spring by parading with pussy willow and birch branches laden with Easter ornaments. Genitti’s had these trees for sale that year for $20 each ($45 in today’s dollars). And they sold out!

1997 – An article on Easters around the world was published in The Record that included the following countries:
* Ukraine – Intricate designs and symbols of spring are created by applying beeswax to eggs and dipping them in dye.
* Yugoslavia – Easter eggs dipped in various dyes were a local custom. The colors originally were made from huckleberry juice and other natural dyes.
* Scotland, Ireland & Great Britain – They roll their decorated eggs down hills and the last egg not broken is the winner (similar to the annual White House Easter Egg Roll event).

1999 – An article in The Record spoke about students from Amerman and Thornapple Creek elementary schools putting baskets together for St. Vincents and the Sarah Fisher Center for children.

Through the years – Local organizations have sponsored Easter egg hunts and Easter Bunny visits, along with many youth events and religious musical services to celebrate the holiday.

Keep that Northville Community Easter Faith … and enjoy the weekend with family, friends and those close to you in your life.

Brian Turnbull
Mayor – Northville
[email protected] / 248.505.6849

(Reach out to me anytime or forward this communication to others interested.)

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