From Katie Porter <[email protected]>
Subject You shouldn’t pay a greater percentage of your wealth in tax than Jeff Bezos does
Date April 10, 2022 11:17 PM
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Tax Day is around the corner and once again
a handful of our country’s wealthiest individuals will get away with
avoiding paying much in taxes. That’s why I’ve been proud to support
President Biden’s proposed Billionaire Tax, which will make sure
households worth more than $100 million pay their fair share.

Right now, billionaires are taxed at a rate of just about 8% whereas
working people across the country—teachers, small business owners,
nurses—often pay double that rate. The ultra-wealthy are able to pull this
off by avoiding paying taxes on lucrative stocks, and because our top tax
bracket is around $500,000, billionaires get away with paying a relatively
low amount. This tax would ensure that billionaires pay taxes on 20% of
their wealth—their fair share. 

The ultra-wealthy are skilled at avoiding and delaying paying their taxes,
and this bill will help ensure the Mark Zuckerbergs, Elon Musks, and Jeff
Bezos of the world pay up.

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