John -- did you see my email Tuesday to you with the details on the Fight for Five campaign I’m helping lead in California to secure and flip 5 key Congressional Seats for Republicans in 2020? Democrats are furious and say our new effort in California amounts to plagiarism or a rip off of their campaign tactics.

It’s all true — and let me explain why.

In devising the Fight for Five campaign, we studied how Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez used a group called Justice Democrats to target and flip Congressional seats for her side. I’ll admit we’re copying her tactics for flipping seats (but leaving her with her crazy socialist ideas!)

Between now and March 3, the Fight for Five campaign will use funds to canvass voters, test messages, collect data, recruit volunteers and pilot test ballot harvesting techniques. All of these efforts will help me win and save the 50th Congressional District from being flipped to the Democrats.

Then for November 2020, the campaign will use the volunteers, data, ballot harvesting, proven messaging, etc. to flip four more Congressional seats back to the GOP in 2020.

The concept is simple: integrate funding to produce multiple factors of impact for our side. That’s how the Democrats operated in 2018 to flip Congress, and that’s how we must operate as Republicans in 2020 to fight back in California!

I need your help TODAY to get this fund going and attract national matching funds ASAP.

Can you contribute to the Fight for Fight Campaign today?

It may not seem like much, but winning these 5 seats is the crucial first step to turning around the dismal state of the California Republican Party.

We have a plan - but we need the resources to execute it. Please contribute whatever you can today!


Carl DeMaio

PS: Why did I select 5 seats? It’s simple: the latest national assessment shows we MUST win these Congressional seats if we are to have any chance of flipping the Congress back to Republican control to end the witch hunt investigations and support President Trump’s bold agenda. We must do our part — we MUST win these 5 seats to contribute to the national effort to support President Trump! Contribute whatever you can today.