Update: WIN!! SB 920 (Medical Board of California record requests) PULLED!!

SB 920 has been PULLED!!

Late yesterday, Sen Melissa Hurtado released a statement that she is pulling SB 920 (would allow medical investigators to view patient records against their wishes) (https://sd14.senate.ca.gov/news/press-release/hurtado-releases-statement-her-decision-pull-senate-bill-920).  This bill was one that was near and dear to me as I have attended nearly every CA Medical Board meeting, including public advocacy meetings, since 2015, and have been on the front lines with the doctors who have been disciplined for writing legitaimage medical exemptions, according to SB 277, and their patients.  From her statement, it seems like this bill is dead for the year, but as previous history tells, we know CA legislators are infamous for playing games.  So while we will celebrate this as a win, A Voice for Chocie Advocacy won't call it completely DEAD until the end of the session.    

Let's Celebrate this Victory
and continue the fight against the other BAD bills!

A Voice for Choice Advocacy's two lobbyists, myself and our newly hired legislative director have had over 100 meetings with legislative staff over the past few weeks in regard to all these bills.  We are also thankful to the work of the other CA groups, and YOUR letters, phone calls and activism helped get us to this point.  We need to keep the momentum going and thank YOU for your role in that.

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Together we can make change happen!


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