From Katie Porter <[email protected]>
Subject What gives me hope, and what worries me most
Date March 29, 2022 5:24 PM
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With a news cycle that can feel anything but uplifting, I’m sometimes
asked what gives me hope. I find a lot of optimism and reason to be
hopeful in President Biden. I think he really does see the struggles of
American families–something I couldn’t say about our last president.

But I’m also deeply concerned about what will happen if Democrats lose our
House majority in November.

I’m worried about the society I’ll be raising my kids in. Republicans
across the country have shown how eager they are to pass anti-choice,
anti-LGBTQ legislation.

I’m worried about what years of inaction on climate change will mean. The
longer we wait to take meaningful action on climate change, the more
expensive and difficult it becomes to restore and protect our planet. We
cannot afford two or four more years without action on climate change, but
with Republicans in charge, Big Oil and other polluters will continue to
rip off taxpayers and destroy our planet.

I’m worried about the economy—in order to have a strong, stable, globally
competitive economy, we need to invest in lowering costs for working
people. That means investing in childcare, healthcare, housing,
education—things people need to be successful. Republicans have proven
time and again that they would rather give tax breaks to the ultra-wealthy
and major corporations.

This is why I am laser-focused on winning my race and helping Democrats
hold our majority. [ [link removed] ]I’m taking things one week at a time, and this week,
we need to hit our end of quarter goal and raise $50,000 through emails
like this one. Reaching this goal will help show Republicans the strength
of our movement and go a long way in helping us win in my swing-district,
which is key to holding Democrats’ majority. [ [link removed] ]Can you donate today?

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Thanks so much, John.


P.S.—I want to hear from you. [ [link removed] ]What gives you hope right now, and what
are you most concerned about?


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