From Beatrice Fihn, ICAN <[email protected]>
Subject Before it's too late: we need to scale up our movement against nuclear weapons
Date March 29, 2022 2:50 PM
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Hi Friend --

Today, we need your help to scale up this campaign <[link removed]>.

For more than a decade, ICAN has warned about the increasing risk of use of nuclear weapons and the catastrophic humanitarian impact that any use would cause. We’ve warned about increasing nationalism and hostile rhetoric, the undermining of multilateralism and international law, and the increased role of nuclear weapons in some countries’ security policies.

Because we saw that the risk of nuclear weapons use was increasing, we worked to get governments to negotiate and join the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

Russia’s recent threats to use nuclear weapons during its invasion of Ukraine show why our work is more relevant than ever and we need to strengthen it. So do North Korea’s recent missile tests, China and the UK’s increase of their arsenal size, and the billions of dollars being spent on a new nuclear arms race by all the nine nuclear armed states.

Now that nuclear weapons are high on the international agenda again, we need to urgently strengthen the norm against any use and threats to use nuclear weapons– and the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons is the only instrument that puts this norm into international law.

While this is a very scary time, this is also the moment where we all need to step up and build a stronger movement against nuclear weapons to make sure it doesn’t happen. We are responding to the current crisis by doubling our efforts to grow our campaign, reach new audiences, and increase political pressure to pursue nuclear disarmament, but we need more resources to do it quickly. We need to bring onboard more people in our team, produce more resources for campaigning and organise more local and national advocacy events. 

We are therefore asking you today to make a donation to help us scale up our work at this crucial time. In particular, we need more supporters to set up a monthly donation, as it gives us a regular income that allows us to grow our projects over the whole year.

Set up a monthy donation here <[link removed]>.

Or make a one-off donation here <[link removed]>

We are so grateful that you have supported our campaign this far, and we are now committed to growing our impact even further. 

Thank you,

Beatrice Fihn

Executive Director


It’s time to end nuclear weapons.

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