From Team Cooper <[email protected]>
Subject The GOP is attacking LGBTQ+ people EVERYWHERE. We can’t let it happen here.
Date March 21, 2022 12:01 PM
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From North Carolina’s “Bathroom Bill” — which Roy Cooper repealed — to anti-LGBTQ+ measures currently passing in southern states, Republicans have long sought to roll back LGBTQ+ rights.

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Radical Republicans across the country have long been bent on silencing the voices of people who aren’t just like them.

Down in Texas, the Republican government is attacking trans kids and their parents — they’ve determined that providing gender-affirming care for kids is “child abuse.” To be clear, gender-affirming care is essential to allowing trans children to thrive.

In Florida, the GOP’s radical “Don’t Say Gay” bill would prevent teachers and students from discussing issues at all related to LGBTQ+ rights under the guise that they’re “not age-appropriate.” That means students who are members of the LGBTQ+ community or care about people who are would not be able to be their true selves in school.

We know this kind of discriminatory legislation all too well here in North Carolina, where the Republican-led legislature’s “Bathroom Bill,” passed in 2016, prohibited trans people from using public facilities corresponding with their gender identity and prevented communities from enacting anti-discrimination measures.

John, LGBTQ+ people are WELCOME in North Carolina, and we must do everything possible to protect them.

But if NC Republicans gain a veto-proof majority in the legislature this November, we can expect that they’ll try once again to codify discrimination in our state. We MUST prevent that possibility.

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Team Cooper

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