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Subject 4 Ways to Start a Conversation with a Stranger if You’re an Introvert | Todd Brison in P.S. I Love You
Date November 19, 2019 3:26 PM
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4 Ways to Start a Conversation with a Stranger if You're an Introvert ([link removed])

Starting conversations with people I have never met is like my superpower.
Todd Brison ([link removed])
in P.S. I Love You ([link removed])
4 min read

You Don't Need More Motivation - You Need a System ([link removed])

Here's how to create one to live more productively
Darius Foroux ([link removed])
in Forge ([link removed])
3 min read

10 Ways You Push Her Away Without Realizing It ([link removed])

It's time you've learned: you're pushing women away, even when you want them close.
The Good Men Project ([link removed])
7 min read

How to Handle Someone Else's Anxiety or Panic Attacks ([link removed])

The unofficial dos and don'ts of being around someone with an anxiety disorder.
George Tinari ([link removed])
7 min read

In case you missed it

Do You Make This Mistake In Conversations? ([link removed])

How to Improve Your Discourse
John P. Weiss ([link removed])
in Personal Growth ([link removed])
11 min read

This Problem-Solving Strategy Takes 3 Minutes, A Pen And Paper, And Will… ([link removed])

Learn to bridge where you are to where you want to be.
Brianna Wiest ([link removed])
4 min read

How To Know If You're The Toxic Person Everyone's Trying To Avoid ([link removed])

While it's true that other people's opinions about us don't matter in the way we fear they might, it's also…
Brianna Wiest ([link removed])
in Personal Growth ([link removed])
4 min read

Quick reads

Mitch McConnell is in Trouble. ([link removed])

The election of a democratic governor in Kentucky, and the massive, far reaching implications moving forward.
Lauren Martinchek ([link removed])
in Dialogue & Discourse ([link removed])
4 min read

Want a data science job? Use the weekend project principle to get it ([link removed])

Online course certificates are great. But projects of your own are better.
Daniel Bourke ([link removed])
in Towards Data Science ([link removed])
4 min read

5 Dirty Secrets From The Cruise Industry Might Make You Rethink Your Next… ([link removed])

Raw sewage isn't the only thing that stinks about cruises.
Almudena Toral ([link removed])
in BRIGHT Magazine ([link removed])
4 min read

Most read

How To Be A Professional 20-Something ([link removed])

Struggle to find a job. Send application after application, resume after resume, until it feels like throwing…
Human Parts ([link removed])
5 min read

The Cycle ([link removed])

When I was 16, my high school boyfriend backhanded me across the face, with a beer bottle in his hand. We…
Human Parts ([link removed])
4 min read

On Being Allergic To Bullshit ([link removed])

Recently I went to a psychic who couldn't see two feet in front of her, let alone into the future. She told…
Human Parts ([link removed])
4 min read

Editors' picks

How to Cook Beans ([link removed])

First tip: Don't buy canned ones
Rick Easton ([link removed])
in Heated ([link removed])
5 min read

A Brief Guide to the Reasons You're Always Tired ([link removed])

A comprehensive look at the causes of fatigue
Ashley Abramson ([link removed])
in Elemental ([link removed])
8 min read

A Letter to Smart Women Who Intimidate Men at Work ([link removed])

If men can't tell the difference between being bossy and being assertive, then be a boss
Elizabeth Burnam ([link removed])
in Marker ([link removed])
4 min read

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