John -- did you see my email this weekend about the Democrats possibly shutting out the GOP in the 50th Congressional District?

It's critical we help Carl DeMaio and prevent a GOP shut-out. Carl has only 80 days before ballots are mailed out to voters so helping ASAP is KEY.

Can you contribute anything today to help get Carl through the next 80 days? Here's the secure link



From: Dave McCulloch
Subject: Risk Notification - please respond
Date: Saturday, Nov 16, 2019


We have some sobering findings from the recent Risk Assessment the Republican Party just finished of the Congressional seats in California and the 50th District seat is at the TOP OF THE LIST of ones at risk of being taken over by Democrats!

The good news is recent polling shows Republican taxpayer advocate Carl DeMaio in first place. The BAD NEWS the same poll shows DeMaio is followed closely by not one, but TWO DEMOCRATS!

Put simply: California’s flawed top-two voting system could result in a GOP SHUT OUT.

That’s why we need to unite behind Carl DeMaio and get him the resources he needs to win TODAY!

Voting begins in only 82 days and that’s not a lot of time! Can you contribute?

The polling shows DeMaio is the only Republican with the broad-based appeal among voters to not only make the runoff, but he’s winning a 1-1 match against the Democrat candidate by 17 points!

We have to get Carl DeMaio the help he needs — the sooner the better. Please help him today!

Dave McCulloch

PS: Can you send this email right now to at least 5 people and ask them for just $5? Every penny is going to count in this fight! They can contribute here and you’ll get the credit.

To win the runoff, Carl HAS to stay in the TOP TWO spots in the Primary! Please contribute today to help him do that!