From David Weinman <[email protected]>
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Date March 17, 2022 6:00 PM
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Petition Request
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You have been an integral part of this growing movement.


While we have accomplished so much together, we still have so much more work
to do as we build our network of Americans who are tired of politics as usual
in Washington, D.C., and looking for better, people-first leadership.


Governor Larry Hogan's strong leadership in Maryland continues to be a model
of success that the rest of our country must look to as we figure out how to
move forward on several top national issues.


We must continue working together to turn things around.


→ Will you add your name to our growing list of Americans that are demanding
smart common sense, conservative solutions to these national crises from our


Can we count on you today?
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An America United is dedicated to improving our political discourse and
advocating for smarter policies. Let's rebuild the people's faith in America's


Sign our national petition today
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to demand smarter, common sense solutions from our elected officials because we
must start changing the direction of our country before we reach the point of
no return.


Thank you, 

David Weinman
Executive Director, An America United

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