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The Madness of the General Election


Dear Friends and Supporters

Apart from the absolutely dreadful news about those suffering from the torrential rain and floods in many parts of the country, as well as snow, it’s now less 4 weeks until polling day on Thursday, December 12th!

The consequences of this General Election will affect every single one of us. All the campaigns are in full swing, as well as the sometimes-ridiculous photo-ops. Both in boxing rings, Liberal Democrat Leader, Jo Swinson donned yellow gloves, and on the same day, the Brexit Party’s Leader, Nigel Farage played at punching the crowd with a pair of red gloves on his hands! Of course, there are spending promises following spending promises from all the political parties, and we haven’t even seen the light of day with any of the Party Manifestos yet!

The biggest news of this week has been the very sensible decision by the Leader of the Brexit Party, Nigel Farage, to withdraw 317 prospective parliamentary candidates from seats which the Conservatives won in the 2017 election. Following this, a select few Brexit Party candidates have also made the decision to withdraw from key marginal seats which the Conservatives need to win to get a majority in order to deliver Brexit. In addition, as the dust settled on the final day to register all candidates yesterday, it has now emerged the Brexit Party will not be standing in an additional 39 seats. These are largely across Scotland to help fight off the SNP, and some key seats where there have been announcements of the ‘Unite to Remain’ alliance (where the LibDems, the Greens and Plaid Cymru are colluding to stand  only one candidate between all 3 of them in a total of 60 seats, to avoid splitting the vote and try and defeat Leave!)

We at Get Britain Out wholeheartedly commend the decisions of both Nigel Farage and individual Brexit Party candidates to help ensure Brexit as the Brexiteer cause is not well served by tit for tat arguments between those who want to Leave the European Union. There is still a great deal of danger of us losing Brexit to Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party - by the back door - with threats of another EU Referendum and a threat of a heavily EU-tied Deal with the Single Market and Customs Union on the ballot paper with the other question being Remain. Disappointingly then, it appears there will be no chance of really Leaving the European Union with Labour then! - as well as the determination by the Remain Alliance to thwart the will of the 17.4 million people who have already voted to Leave the EU over 3 years ago in the Referendum!

If there had been a more concerted approach by both Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage to work together to ensure a pro-Brexit majority in the next Parliament - with Boris Johnson, the Leader of the largest Party as Prime Minister, with the hope of a sizable contingent of Brexit Party MPs who would be able to hold the Prime Minister to account over promises made in the election campaign, we might be more sure of a real Brexit as a result of this General Election.

Following the Thursday evening deadline for candidate nominations, a concerning story emerged following a Sky News interview with Nigel Farage last night, where Mr Farage accused senior Conservative aids in Number 10, of supposedly inundating Brexit Party prospective parliamentary candidates with offers of jobs and positions in the House of Lords, if they withdrew their planned candidacy in some key seats!!! This accusation has yet to be proved, and last night our Director, Jayne Adye, asked our supporters on our Facebook page if they had any evidence of this. No details have been revealed yet... Meanwhile, this is something Boris Johnson has already denied, as conversations take place all the time between politicians and prospective politicians, as you can see here. Mr Farage has yet to present evidence of these calls or who made them. Surely if this has been attempted manipulation of our political system, the police should investigate, as this is a very serious accusation.    

The latest polling averages place the Conservatives on 40%, Labour 29%, LibDems 16% and the Brexit Party on 7%.

It’s very interesting that the Conservatives have recently taken a 20-point lead over Labour in polls of only working class voters, truly showing how out of touch the Labour Party is with their supposed base. This is not surprising when Labour seem intent on blocking Brexit at every turn.
Returning to the Brexit Party, there have been suggestions in recent days, which indicate Nigel Farage intends to move to America in the coming months following the General Election, despite his commitment to hold Boris Johnson to account over Brexit. It would seem Farage is tempted by the opportunity to work on the Re-election campaign of President Trump. Commendable one might argue, however it could raise a big question. What happens to the Brexit Party if Nigel Farage leaves the country and is not in Parliament?

At present the ‘Brexit Party’ is not actually set up as a political party, but rather a business, meaning there is a rather dictatorial approach to setting policy from the two people at the top – Nigel Farage and Richard Tice (who is contesting the seat of  Hartlepool in the election). Surely any political party contesting an election and originally standing in 600 seats, where they hope to be a sizable influential force in Parliament following an election, should have a better structure and a far more transparent approach which voters and supporters can interact with and should also be subject to scrutiny by the public.

Of course, a General Election means a whole host of new policies - however, all major parties have yet – frustratingly - to release their Manifestos. This means, with less than 4 weeks to go, the public are not able to make informed decisions and question the prospective candidates on the doorstep, about the various policies and who they wish to vote for, despite many postal ballots alerts already being delivered.

The Conservatives have gone gun-ho on cutting business rates to try and encourage a return of growth to the High Street. This policy would cut business rates for small and medium sized businesses by 50% - a huge boost for businesses which have had to endure decades of EU red tape. We finally need to set these vital parts of our economy free and allow them to return to success without being controlled by the EU.

While the Tories are promoting policies about cutting regulation and overbearing State Control - whether from the EU or the UK - Labour has launched a policy of nationalising BT and providing so-called ‘free’ high speed broadband for every house in the UK – supposedly by 2030. The cost has been estimated at more than £100 billion - by the CEO of BT, Philip Jansen today, who has stated it would also be a "liability" for pensioners.

The only other country in the world which currently has a so-called ‘national’ broadband system is Australia (and over 50% of the country is still not connected), which has been beset by problems since it started 10 years ago – and more importantly, it has had huge problems, the most important being the report of slow speeds!

The investments made so far in the UK to improve WiFi services has only been possible due to massive investment and competition among the various providers. One can only imagine if the only Customer Services Department we could complain to in the future about our broadband problems is BT – guess what the responses would be and how fast the problems would be fixed!!!

What’s more, this policy would not even be possible while we are still in the EU, as under Labour’s supposed new deal with the EU - which they say they hope to negotiate in 3 months if they win the General Election - State Aid rules would apply and we would be tied to EU regulations! They clearly have not thought this through properly!

Of vital importance to also consider would be the subject of concerns over the security of data handled by any Government over a nationalised internet. This would give the Government the ability in the future to simply switch off the internet - either of individuals they disagree with, or indeed connections to the whole country - in circumstances they decide on. This would be a policy very similar to those of Communist dictatorships, rather than in one of the oldest democracies in the world!!

The Labour Party is also, apparently, considering nationalising water, rail and energy sectors. So on top of these, this policy would set a dangerous precedent in this country, of State control, seizing assets and shutting down competition. Why would any company want to invest in the UK and our tech sector in the future, if they could be nationalised out of the blue, leaving shareholders out of pocket and your investments effectively stolen. It has already been announced that TalkTalk have delayed the sale of their full-fibre infrastructure until after next month’s General Election.

On a lighter note we receive letters and emails from people from all over the world encouraging us to help deliver Brexit. Most recently we received this postcard from a gentleman in Dortmund, Germany. We always appreciate correspondence such as this, so please keep them coming!!!

ACTION NEEDED – This is a busy time so here is something you, our supporters, can help with to secure the best Deal for the United Kingdom after BREXIT.

We have now drafted another letter for you to send to the Prime Minister. The letter urges Boris Johnson to place a commitment – BY LAW - to not extending the Transition Period past December 20202, making sure it is within the Conservative Party Manifesto. It also urges Mr Johnson to commit to ensuring any Free Trade Deal with the EU does not keep the UK tied to the ‘Level Playing Field’ policy. You can read and print out the letter from HERE. All that is required is for you to copy or print out the letter, fill in your details and send it to 10 Downing Street, London, SW1A 2AA.

If you want to be able to edit the letter you can download a Word document here

With the General Election less than 4 weeks away, we urge all of our supporters to make sure they are registered to vote. The deadline to register is midnight on November 26th 2019. If you need to register to vote, change your details or the way you vote - for example signing up to having a postal vote or to vote by proxy - then please use this link HERE.

Making sure you have your voices heard is at this vital election. Not turning up to vote for a pro-Brexit candidate could result in Remainers taking control and Brexit being cancelled entirely. And PLEASE do not spoil your ballot papers, as has been rumoured some people are planning to do. Many people in the world are not able to vote for what is important to them, so I trust you will remember this when you are in the polling booth.

We understand our fellow Brexiteers at Leave.EU will be launching a new tactical voting APP which could help Brexiteers to ensure a Remainer doesn’t cling on to power or squeeze through the middle in certain constituencies. We will be posting news about this on our social media as soon as it is announced, so please follow us on our Facebook page and our Twitter feed to check out what the options are in your area to ensure a TRUE Brexit is delivered.

As always you can show your support for a true Brexit by printing off and displaying our GET BRITAIN OUT poster in your doors or windows, which you can find here!

With the election ongoing here are the key dates for debates.
  • “Johnson v Corbyn: The ITV Debate”, Tuesday November 19th, 8pm (ITV). This head to head debate will be hosted by news presenter, Julie Etchingham
  • “Question Time – Election Special”, Friday November 22nd TBC (BBC). Leaders of the Conservatives, Labour, SNP and Liberal Democrat parties will each answer questions from the audience for 30 minutes - broadcast from Cardiff.   
  • “Sky News General Election Debate”, Thursday November 28th TBC (Sky News). Sky News has invited the Liberal Democrats, Conservative and Labour Party Leaders to attend their live TV debate. So far only the LibDem’s Jo Swinson has accepted the broadcaster's invitation.
  • “The BBC Election Debate,” Friday November 29th TBC (BBC). A 7-way podium debate between senior figures from the major political parties - live from Cardiff.
  • “The BBC Prime Ministerial Debate”, Friday December 6th TBC (BBC). A Head to Head debate between Jeremy Corbyn and Boris Johnson - broadcast from Southampton. 
  • “Question Time – Special Edition,” Monday December 9th TBC (BBC). An audience of under-30s will question senior figures from each of the main parties, hosted by Emma Barnett. 
  • The Brexit Party announced on Monday that it would not be standing candidates in the 317 seats that the Conservative Party won in 2017, however upon review of nomination papers they will not be standing candidates in a further 39 seats in England and Scotland – Guido Fawkes
  • The former Leader of the Green Party, Caroline Lucas, said in an interview that her “Unite to Remain” colleagues, the Liberal Democrats’ Brexit policy is "unforgivable" and that "Jo Swinson doesn't give a f*** about the 17.4 million people that voted to Leave". – The Daily Express
  • Dianne Abbot confirmed through a tweet that Labour would not only rip up its promise at the 2017 election to end Freedom of Movement for all EU citizens, but that they will go further to extend the offer worldwide. – The Sun
  • Economic data released at the beginning of this week heralds the last nail in the coffin for “Project Fear”. Predictions of the economic catastrophe that was meant to accompany Brexit have been quashed by recent economic growth. – The Spectator 
  • Guy Verhofstadt and his allies had conspired to keep Eurosceptic MEPs out of the Brexit Steering Group – the highest decision-making board of the EU Parliament related to Brexit, which had a veto on any possible Withdrawal Agreement. – The Daily Express

Best wishes from Jayne Adye, Campaign Director and the Team.

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