From Larry Hogan <[email protected]>
Subject This is twisted.
Date February 28, 2022 10:00 PM
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Let voters pick their politicians

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Should politicians be allowed to pick their voters?


That practice is the definition of gerrymandering
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An America United is laser-focused on ending this undemocratic process. 

Americans must be put back in the driver's seat of our democracy. In Maryland,
we created acitizens redistricting committee to combat the act of
gerrymandering, but partisan politicians chose to ignore their constituents and
throw our committee aside.


This is why we need you on our team at An America United: a people-first
movement that is focused on common sense, people-first solutions.


I am asking you to join our team today with any financial contribution you can
give before we close the books on February as our midnight deadline approaches.
Can we count on you to chip in $20.22, $55, $100, or a larger amount towards
our goal?
End-of-Month Deadline >> Support AAU Now!
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Many states are finalizing their maps and we must fund our aggressive efforts
to end gerrymandering from coast to coast.

Blue states and red states are already divided too far apart. If we allow this
corrupt practice to continue, we are allowing politicians to protect their
partisan interests and ignore the will of the people, deepening our national


Please act now to help close the funding gap before our February end-of-month
deadline. It is important that we don't fall behind.
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Thank you, 

Governor Larry Hogan

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